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Click for enlargementDog´s Testimony - The Animal Whisperer: Kelly´s Bee Story

Kelly is my dog! I love him dearly and find him to be the best companion I've ever had. It wasn't always that way. Kelly came to me through my dog Gracie. When Mollee died, my beautiful Walker Hound, Gracie, "told" me she missed having someone like herself to play with. Off to the Humane Society we went, and Gracie fell totally in love with him. They have been best friends ever since.

It took me a bit longer as Kelly had issues! He was afraid of suitcases and briefcases-especially black ones. He was afraid of anything in my hands. Once, my cell phone sent him into the backyard for an hour! I'd never seen that before. Kelly had come from a great home and was super healthy when I got him. I was told he'd always been that way. A water bottle could send him into hiding and crying. Kelly is a big 55-pound Lab mix-not pretty to see him like that.

Since I train dogs and have a fantastic ability as a healer and communicator with them, I thought, "OK, is this a trick of the universe that I'd get a dog like this?" Well, of course, it was just time for another story in my life. My clients know that part of my handlings always include the algae. Kelly is no different.

I started Kelly off with the Body and Mind tablets. Here was this big Lab taking this tiny tablet right out of my hand. He'd pucker up his mouth to take it; it was so cute. He immediately calmed down. I then used the Essential Blend on his food, and within a few weeks, I noticed he did not "run" so much. About one month later, I also started giving him some Acidophilus. There was a marked change in him with that.

He seemed to hesitate before he'd run from something and was able to listen to me better. I increased all his algae products until he was on 10 of the Body and Mind a day. He was on 2 Acidophilus. He got so much better. Since he now didn't run away as much, I could begin to train him to help him deal with his issues.

I trained Kelly to "smell" whatever he was afraid of. I started small with a book. He was terrified one night when I brought the book close to him, and he thought it was a big cell phone or something. That was 3 years ago, and he's always smelling something!! He now does it on his own.

Recently, for fun I taught Kelly to buzz like a bee - that's right to "buzz like a bee." I used to play this game with him where I'd take my finger and act like a bee and pretend to hold it over him, keeping him wondering when or if the "bee" would get him. Now come on, I know you have done the same thing with your pets before-admit it. Well anyway, I finally felt quite guilty about putting him through such torture that I felt I'd turn the game around a bit. So I taught him to buzz like a bee, and he does! This would have been impossible prior to him being on the algae.

Well, this would not be much of a story if I didn't tell the "end of the story." Last week I discovered a big plant in my backyard, loaded with bees getting nectar out of the flowers. I had walked by it several times while doing my laundry in the garage. I was so glad I'd not been stung. I stepped a safe distance away to get a really good look at how many bees there were. Wow! There were a lot. I had my attention on one in particular; it was amazing how industrious it was with that flower.

Suddenly I became aware that Kelly was by me, and I looked at him. I could sense he was a bit afraid, and then Kelly, on his own, smelled the bee!!! I held my breath fearing that any movement would cause the bee to sting him. The most amazing thing occurred; the bee sort of "shrugged" his shoulders. Now I know they really don't have shoulders, but I swear it looked like the bee shrugged his shoulders at Kelly and basically told him to bzzzzzzzz off!

I believe that our products helped Kelly to stabilize emotionally so that he could focus, "hear" me, and be able to stop running away every time he was afraid. He loves taking them to this day and runs to me when I say, "come get your vitamins," and yes, he still puckers up his lips to get that tablet!

Marlo Kimmel
Clearwater, FL

The Source March-April 2011, pgs. 24-25

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- Pamela May
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