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Wild micro algae and Dan O'Brien: A Superfood and a Super-athlete

In 1994 during the National High School Decathlon Championships in Klamath Falls, Dan O'Brien began using New Earth products. In 1996, New Earth was privileged to sponsor Dan's run at an Olympic gold medal in Atlanta. This was only the beginning of a relationship founded on the products and true friendship. Dan credits the algae and the people behind the products with providing him the mental and physical edge to compete against the best athletes on the planet. In this interview, Dan discusses his gold medal victory at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, his training, and Super Blue Green® Algae.

How often do you eat New Earth products?

Dan: I take New Earth products every single day when I am training, probably three times a day. I mainly take the bluegreen mind, bluegreen body and the enzymes for meals. I had looked for years for a product that made me feel different. About two to three weeks after I started taking the algae I noticed that I wasn't as tired at four and five in the evening. In the past I would come home and just be wiped out. After I took the algae for a while, I noticed at five or six o'clock I still had energy. When I take the algae I am more focused. I am strong-hearted. I'm physically stronger and I never give up. I am able to withstand the daily stresses.

Explain the 1996 Olympics. For instance, how long did those two days last for you? What time did you have to start? What time did you finish typically on each day?

Dan: Well, the Decathlon is an interesting event because it all depends on how many competitors you have in the event. You can have from five to 45 people in the event. In the Olympic games we had 42 competitors. We started at 8:00 in the morning and we didn't finish until 9:45 in the evening, so the days are extremely long and you are so stressed out you can't eat a lot. It is always really smart to bring food out to the track. But, if you can find an alternate food source or supplement, I think that puts you ahead on those long days.

During the 1996 Olympics, you seemed to improve late in the game. You came back and did an incredible job on your third attempt at the javelin throw. Is that something that has always been normal for you, where you feel you have always been a good pressure man? Or is that something that has developed over the last four, five, or six years as a Decathlete?

Dan: As a young athlete, the final events were my weakest events. But as I got older and a lot stronger, mentally tougher, I've been closing in the decathlon a lot better. Where I have to come through, I find the ability to just do what ever it takes to get the job done. I think that is a great trait of all the great athletes in the world, the Michael Jordans and the Michael Johnsons.

So, in a statement, how would you describe your relationship with the products?

Dan: Well, I think my relationship with the products is a lot like my relationship with the people who make the products. They're my friends. I think I'm a better person with the algae than without it. I feel stronger, emotionally and physically, because the people who make the products are supportive of me. That is the same way that I look at the products. This is a product that not only helps me on the track but helps me in everyday life. Like I've said before, for years I was looking for a product that really showed me a difference and made me feel different, and I've found those products. When I'm taking the algae, I know I'm getting vitamins and trace minerals. As long as I am taking the algae, I know I have an energy source.

So outside of the athleticism, do you have any other projects going on? We have heard about the Dan O'Brien Foundation and the high school decathlon championships.

Dan: We have started the Dan O'Brien Youth Foundation for the youth in several communities. I have noticed that a lot of kids these days aren't as healthy as I was when I was a kid. Why? Because they sit at home and play video games. They aren't getting out and exercising (and) probably not eating well. The advice I've got for these kids is, set some serious goals for yourself. It's never too late to get in shape. It's never too late, or too early for that matter, to set a goal like winning the Olympic gold medal for yourself. Besides those charities, I think that my other biggest charity is just going around and talking to kids, telling my story, what it took to win the Olympic gold medal. I hope my story inspires others to try harder, to set goals, and to never give up.

Dan O'Brien's Accomplishments in the Decathlon

  • 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Three consecutive World Titles

  • Five Consecutive US Titles

  • 1994 and 1998 Goodwill Games champion

  • Holder of the decathlon world record with 8,891 points

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After following New Earth whole health model for 16 months, I´ve lost 50+ pounds. I´ve changed my diet to 60% raw foods, am no longer a slave to my cravings and have no interest in caffeine. I have energy to exercise, work and play. This simply would not have been possible without the support of these fantastic products.
- Pamela May
Seattle, WA

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