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Box of 60 packets


60 Packets - $195

Ask about saving 10% to 20% with our Preferred and our Wholesale Ordering Options.

Edge Packets 

Get your core EDGE products in a month's supply of convenient before-workout and after-workout packets, ready to take with you to the gym, up the mountain, or anywhere you go.

Each box contains 60 EDGE packets:

30 Before Packets each containing:
4 capsules (2 Drive and 2 Focus)

30 After Packets each containing:
6 capsules (3 Flex and 3 Rebound)

Life Is Not A Spectator Sport.
To Stay On Top, You Need An Edge! Active lifestyles demand highly nutritious foods to rebuild, recover, nourish, and protect our muscles, ligaments, heart, lungs, and every cell in our bodies. Being active is also about being proactive and nourishing your body with the very best nature has to offer - whole, all-natural superfoods from Earth's most powerful natural botanicals. Science is revealing that there are numerous natural elements that support powerful and sustained energy and recovery, and that cellular energy and optimal recovery are the key elements in an energetic and healthy life. The extraordinary formulations in Edge are all-natural, science-verified and bring the best of nature's prime elements to your active life. Edge is a proprietary blend of whole superfoods designed to work synergistically to nourish and protect your body from the stress of workouts and active living.


Maximum Energy.
Whether you're pushing the limits of a marathon or snowboarding in the rockies, your body needs Maximum nutrition. Drive was developed with you in mind. Our scientists have studied the most powerful superfoods from nature and put them together in a unique formulation designed to give you the edge in your active life. Drive is a proprietary blend of our Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, wheatgrass juice, cordyceps mushrooms, bee pollen, turmeric, noni, and green tea, designed to be taken before a workout to provide a nutrient-rich, whole-food source for physical energy and Drive

Maximum Clarity
Take you workouts to the next level with Focus. Whether you are a dedicated athlete climbing a sheer rock face, calculating the exact rotation of a high dive, or focusing on getting off the starting blocks quickly for a race, or you simply lead a demanding, high-stakes lifestyle, heightened focus and mental clarity is the critical factor. That's where Focus comes in. Focus is a proprietary blend of organic our Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, eleuthero, Ginkgo biloba, Lion's Mane, bee pollen, wheatgrass juice, and noni designed to promote maximum concentration and mental clarity.*

Maximum Flexibility
Optimum performance takes Maximum Flexibility. Joints and cartilage: they're either trouble-free, flexible, and healthy, or a source of ongoing management, rehab, and weakness. Maintaining healthy, flexible, and strong joints and supporting cartilage is a significant factor in an active lifestyle; and it is significantly easier with science and natural nutrition on your side. Meet Flex, our scientifically-designed, proprietary blend of vegetable-based glucosamine, chondroitin, UC-II® undenatured collagen, and our Wild Bluegreen™ Algae.

Maximum Recovery
When it comes to physical output, the key to maximum athletic performance is how well you body recovers. Our scientists understand that cellular nutrition and the ability to combat the stress of cellular oxidation and breakdown is a key element in feeding the body for maximum recovery. Rebound was developed to nourish and protect your body from the intensity of post-workout tissue breakdown and to support your joints and tissues to recover quickly.* Rebound is a proprietary blend of plant-based proteolytic enzymes: bromelain, papain, protease, lipase, and serratiopeptidase; together with our Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, to support your body's inflammatory response to physical exercise.

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Nature's Extraordinary Gift

Whole Foods are essential, if we are to give our bodies complete and balanced nutrition. And when these whole foods come from wild, organic sources, these foods are at their best because if they are anything less, they don't survive. It is this "survival of the fittest" that perfects these food sources and are what is in our complete line of products.

We believe that this is one of the many key differences that set us apart from all the rest. "They" focus on isolated chemical equivalents; we at New Earth focus on Whole Foods that have been perfected over millennia, by nature. Nutrition that your body understands, without all of the chemicals and preservatives.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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I work on college campuses, which requires a lot of walking around. Many of the older buildings don´t have elevators. Before starting on this nutritional program, I would avoid these buildings unless absolutely necessary. I would also try to drive my car as close to each building as possible. Two years later, not only do I easily go up and down the stairs, but I also just park my car and walk all over campus. And this week, I walked to the 6th floor in an unairconditioned building (it was 90 degrees), carrying a 15 lb box with energy to spare. I didn´t even get winded!! These products are amazing!"
- Pamela May
Seattle, Wa

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