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Box of 60 packets


30 Day Supply - $200

Ask about saving 10% to 20% with our Preferred and our Wholesale Ordering Options.

Wild Essentials™ Box - 60 Packets

WILD ESSENTIALS contain our proprietary blends of marine and freshwater algae, tonic mushrooms, and sprouted grasses and grains, some of the most nourishing foods on the planet; combined with our probiotics and digestive enzymes to unlock the benefits these superfoods provide. All packed into 60 convenient packets, ready to take with you anywhere.

Each Essentials packet contains 5 capsules:

1 - Wild™ Bluegreen Body -  The Whole Algae
1 - Wild™ Bluegreen Mind -  The Heart Of The Algae
1 - Essentials Acidophilus -   Probiotic
1 - Essentials Bifidus          -   Probiotic
1 - Wild™ Bluegreen Enzymes -  Optimal Digestion

Each Wild packet contains 9 capsules:

3 - Wild™ Water -  Premium Algae Blend
3 - Wild™ Forest - Premium Mushroom Blend
3 - Wild™ Earth  -  Premium Sprout Blend

Essentials Packet:

The Whole Algae
FEED YOUR BODY THE BEST FOOD ON EARTH. NEW EARTH'S WILD BLUEGREEN™ ALGAE IS ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUNDLY NOURISHING FOODS ON THE PLANET, rich in a wide spectrum of phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, and other micronutrients. It is also an adaptogen, meaning that it supports the body's ability to resist stress and normalize itself. To bring things into balance, regardless of where you’re starting from.* Wild Bluegreen Body is the whole Wild Bluegreen Algae, including its highly digestible cell walls, which are a rich source of proteins and polysaccharides that provide premium nutrients for our tissues and cells.

The Heart Of The Algae
FEED YOUR MIND THE BEST FOOD ON EARTH. WILD BLUEGREEN MIND IS A CONCENTRATION OF THE NUTRIENTS IN OUR WILD BLUEGREEN™ ALGAE, created by carefully removing the algae's cell wall through our proprietary solvent-free process, producing an abundant source of raw materials for enhancing brain activity. The amino acids in Wild Bluegreen Mind provide the building blocks of the healthy nerve cells and neurotransmitters vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.*

Upper GI Tract Probiotic
LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS IS A KEY "GOOD GUY" BACTERIA FOR HELPING MAINTAIN THE HEALTH AND OPTIMAL FUNCTIONING OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, and especially the small intestine, where much of our nutrition is actually absorbed into the body for transport through the bloodstream to our billions of cells. New Earth's Acidophilus contains a single pure strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus: DDS®-1, which is specifically cultivated to promote intestinal health. A tiny amount (170 mg) of Wild Bluegreen Mind is added to provide the live acidophilus cells with optimal nourishment.

Lower GI Tract Probiotic
BIFIDOBACTERIUM BIFIDUM IS A TYPE OF BENEFICIAL BACTERIA THAT DWELLS NATURALLY IN THE HUMAN GASTROINTESTINAL (GI) SYSTEM, AND ESPECIALLY IN THE LOWER GI TRACT. These bacteria work symbiotically with other lactic acid bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, to promote a healthy internal ecology, support immune function, and promote overall good health.* A tiny amount (85 mg) of Wild Bluegreen Mind is added to provide the live bifidus cells with optimal nourishment.

Optimal Digestion
ENZYMES ARE THE PRIMARY BUILDING BLOCKS OF HEALTHY DIGESTION. In addition to helping to digest your food better, they also increase your ability to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your food, which increases the nutrient value from your diet. New Earth's Enzymes contain a proprietary blend of sixteen different natural, plant-based food enzymes (microblended with a tiny amount of Wild Bluegreen Algae to supply the enzymes with specific vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors) to help the body break down and assimilate a complete range of nutrients from your food. In a world where over-the-counter medications for digestive problems is the norm, our experience with tens of thousands of happy customers over decades comes down to two words: enzymes work!

Wild Packet:

Wild™ Water - Premium Algae Blend
GET THE FULL SPECTRUM OF EARTH'S ORIGINAL SUPERFOOD. Imagine the power of algae from the sea, growing so prolifically that it shows up as gigantic swirling currents on images recorded from space by NASA satellites, combined with the famously nutrient-dense profile of freshwater microalgae chlorella, spirulina, and our own Wild Bluegreen. Nine colorful algae combining to bring a unique richness of minerals and phytonutrients from the lake and sea to your table - that's Wild Water, a proprietary formula containing dulse, kelp, fucoidan, Ecklonia cava, bladderwrack, Dunaliella salina, spirulina, chlorella and pure Wild Bluegreen™ Algae from Klamath Lake.

Wild™ Forest - Premium Mushroom Blend
FROM THE DAWN OF HISTORY, EVERY CULTURE ON EARTH HAS FORAGED FOR WILD MUSHROOMS AS FOOD AND MEDICINE. Modern science has taken our understanding to the next level and confirmed that ancient truth: mushrooms are among the most powerful foods on earth. Now New Earth has created a powerful organic mushroom blend that brings the power of these revered botanicals together in a single wild combination: Wild Forest, a proprietary blend of reishi, maitake, cordyceps, wild black trumpet, and Poria cocos, designed to support a healthy immune system and an energetic life.*

Wild™ Earth - Premium Sprouts Blend
TAP INTO THE PURE WILDNESS OF NATURE IN THE RAW. Meet Wild Earth, a proprietary blend of kale sprouts, red clover sprouts, wheat sprouts, concentrated wheat sprouts, and Dunaliella salina algae. Rich in chlorophyll, glutathione, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, Wild Earth combines the best of nature's antioxidants to nourish your body with pure sprouted goodness.

Nature's Extraordinary Gift

Whole Foods are essential, if we are to give our bodies complete and balanced nutrition. And when these whole foods come from wild, organic sources, these foods are at their best because if they are anything less, they don't survive. It is this "survival of the fittest" that perfects these food sources and are what is in our complete line of products.

We believe that this is one of the many key differences that set us apart from all the rest. "They" focus on isolated chemical equivalents; we at New Earth focus on Whole Foods that have been perfected over millennia, by nature. Nutrition that your body understands, without all of the chemicals and preservatives.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


"Since I started taking these products, my digestion and elimination is so much better. I feel less fatigued after meals, and I no longer get those mid-afteoon sinks. I can now sleep through the night without waking until 6 am and feel completely rested.These products work, and I´m so glad I found something to fill my nutritional gaps. I think everyone should at least give them a try!"
- David Stone
White Rock, B.C.

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