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References to articles, books and clinical studies about wild-crafted blue green algae positive impact on the brain. Please feel free to contact us and request any of these articles or studies.

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  • The Nicaragua Report. (1995). Study on the effects of Super Blue Green¨ Algae on the nutritional status and school performance of first, second and third grade children attending the Monsenor Velez School in Nandaime, Nicaragua. "Sevilla and Aguiree's study of 1,567 students demonstrated an 81% increase in the average standardized test scores among malnourished children eating only .5 to 1 gram of Super Blue Green¨ Algae a day over a six month period. Subjects showed significantly increased classroom attendance and participation, as well as marked improvement in overall health. Academically, the Valez school went from having one of the lowest national scholastic test scores to achieving one of the best."

  • "Top Ten Most Important Supplements of the New Millennium". Vitamin Retailer. Jan. 2002. "Blue-green algae supplements are poised to take off because they are a rich source of so many nutrients, including all the essential amino acids. Vitamin B- 12, Vitamin B-2, beta-carotene and calcium".

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"We are so excited about the Bluegree Body Algae. We´ve seen some real benefits for the immune systems of animals. We had a 12 year old dog brought into the clinic who had been hit by a car. We decided to start him eating Bluegreen Body and the Enzymes. The dog had to be in a splint for 3 weeks. Every week when he came in to be checked he was looking better and better. His condition and haircut were improving. By the third week his owner was so impressed she started using the same supplements. The dog´s attitude is wonderful. The day he was brought in he bit one of the techs and he didn´t want anyone to do anything to him. After a couple of days, even though he was still very sore, there was a major improvement in his behavior. Now when he comes in he even kisses everyone. We also do short nail clips for show dogs. I decided to try sprinkling algae on nails that we quickened to see its effect. It did a wonderful job - so we have switched!"
- Dr. Ron Bowen, DVM and Dr. Debby Dowen, DVM
Chicago, Illinois

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