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Organic Raw Whole Food Supplements
Hello there and welcome to the home of what is, in my opinion, the best nutritional products on earth. I know, I know, you´re no doubt asking yourself: how I can make such a statement? The short answer is simple: A laboratory can never make what nature has already perfected. How I discovered that truth has been a journey all it's own.

At 2+ years old I was confined to my crib, unable to crawl, walk, or even lift my head, all because of the debilitating injuries I suffered to my spine during a very traumatic birth. After finally receiving proper care from a chiropractor, my mother began the long search for ways to bring my badly malnourished body back to health.

Now that I could finally digest foods, I was placed on as natural and healthy a diet as my parents could afford at the time; which wasn't much. Over the years I made reasonable progress, and as I got even older, I participated in the decisions of what was right for my body. This included, of course, every vitamin company in the world; or so it seemed at the time.

Whenever mom and I found a new company, with always new and better things to try, we would buy their products in hopes of something more then the last guys. The results would invariably be the same: Flash in the pan effects in the beginning, and diminishing returns shortly thereafter. As time went on this really became frustrating, to say the least.

As a young groom, I married my fiancee and moved out of the house when I was just 17. As we became successful in our careers, we could afford to go to licensed nutritional "experts" which prescribed new and an even more varied array of vitamins, tonics, and tinctures. As I followed all of the recommendations, which included dietary and lifestyle changes, I felt dramatic improvement. But this too would wax and wain, and so I never achieved the normal healthy life that I saw so many people enjoy. And at $800 per month, I expected more, a lot more! So the search continued.

After my 20 year marriage ended in divorce, I had become a real couch potato, 50 lbs over weight, plagued by allergies, migraine headaches, frequent colds and flu's, and just hating life. Then one day my mom called. She told me of yet another company. I remember thinking to myself: "Oh God, here we go again!" And I'm sure I said as much to her on the phone. She stopped me and assured me that this company was different, truly different. Even though I was quite skeptical at this point in my life, out of respect for my mother I listened while she told me of the new found energy, health, and vitality that she credited to the products from this company called New Earth. She then told me that she had been on this program for the better part of a year now and had no intentions of stopping.

Even though I was still quite skeptical, I agreed to get on the program, mainly because of my mother's enthusiasm. I had never before in my life seen her so excited about a nutritional company. In the end it was her enthusiasm that had won me over.

Today, I can truly say, I am a changed man. After the first 6 months, I had lost all that fat I told you about. After 6 more months, I decided to dust off my old road bicycle and began getting into shape. I now ride between 150 - 250 miles each week, and enjoy the health and vitality of a much younger man. I'm in my 50's and I can finish a century bicycle ride (100 miles) in less than 5 hours.

I have known for many decades of my life now that our bodies have the "wisdom" to heal themselves when given all the right tools. I now know that I have found THE company that has such a wonderful line of products capable of providing these "tools" to my body, and in the balance and proportions that ONLY nature, in her infinite wisdom, can provide.

Please contact me, and let's discover together what is in-store for you, on your journey to better health.


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