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Our "Health Revelations" series of articles will pass on true, practical, common sense principles that when put into practice could change your health for the better. Whether you're looking for a way to get back on the path toward health and recovery or you're wanting to achieve optimal health by being proactive, the information in this "Health Revelations" series will help you reach your goals. You will receive ten, print-friendly articles covering the following health topics:

  • Whole food nutrition: A "true magic bullet" for achieving health and vitality
  • The acid/alkaline balance: The most important health concept you'll ever learn
  • Jump start your way to lifelong good health with enzymes
  • Optimal health is as easy as 1-2-3
  • The ultimate health insurance - Probiotics
  • Wild foods - more bounce to the ounce
  • Keeping yourself young with green foods: The chlorophyll connection
  • Protein for health: Quality more vital than quantity
  • Holding back the aging process - Discovering whole food antioxidants
  • Essential principles for healthier living

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"Wild Essentials is the most profoundly nourishing whole food combination that I have seen in my career. New Earth has harnessed the healing power of wild, ancient foods, and the spectrum of health benefits is truly remarkable. Algae and fungi—when combined with probiotics and digestive enzymes—supply raw, bio-available nutrients that feed your body on a cellular level. When each cell is receiving a complete array of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and co-factors, your natural balance is restored and your own health regeneration process functions properly. The most effective medical care is prevention, which is why I eat Wild Essentials every day and recommend them to my family, friends, and patients."
- Dr. Mahtab Damda, M.D. - Internal Medicine
Studio City, CA

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