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nv.skin Honeyed Enzyme Mask

NV skin Honeyed Enzyme Masque provides active yet gentle exfoliation. Our powerful combination of honey and protease and lipase enzymes gently loosens and removes old and damaged skin cells, revealing younger looking, healthier skin. Organic brown rice flour protects and feeds the skin as it is exfoliated. Your skin will glow with inner vitality. Best of all, every skin type and condition, from oily skin to the most sensitive skin, can benefit from this masque.

NV skin Honeyed Enzyme Masque provides superior home exfoliation, without harsh particulates. This is very important, because NV skin Honeyed Enzyme Masque is a very attractive alternative for harsher "skin renewal" treatments, particularly "microdermabrasion".

Microdermabrasion is one of the fastest growing and most popular "skin renewal" treatments, because consumers can treat themselves and because many people get results in the short term. However, because this treatment generally requires the application of extremely sharp microscopic particles to the skin, the skin may eventually become toughened and damaged, in response to the repeated abrasion.

You may receive similar or superior immediate and long-term skin renewal benefits from NV skin Honeyed Enzyme Masque as from microdermabrasion. However, you will certainly have NONE of the long-term damage that can result from this abrasive technique.

There is simply no other product like our Honeyed Enzyme Masque.

To Use: Mix 2 teaspoons of masque with 1-2 tablespoons of warm water to make a thin paste. Apply to your face with fingers or a brush, including the temples, but avoiding the eye area. Allow masque to stay on the skin for 8-10 minutes. Keep moist, either in the shower or by spraying with water. Remove with a warm, moist washcloth, then rinse well. If you choose, follow with NV skin Essential Nutrients Masque for extra hydration, or use our Herbal Hydrating Tonic. Finish with our Vital Moisture Face Crème. This masque can be used as often as needed to gently exfoliate old skin cells. For oily skin, use once or twice weekly. For normal skin, use once weekly. For mature, dry, and sensitive skin, apply once weekly, or as needed, to allow extra hydration and the penetration of moisturizers.

NV skin Honeyed Enzyme Masque includes NO animal ingredients and involved NO animal testing. Though honey itself may be considered to be "animal-derived", www.veganforlife.org states that: " No ingredient can be animal derived, where such derivation refers to material destructively obtained. Hence materials harvested in a non-harmful manner are acceptable, e.g. Honey and beeswax. " We care about the rest of the natural world as much as we care about your skin.

Honeyed Enzyme Masque Ingredients:
Organic brown rice flour, honey, psyllium husk, wheat starch, plant-based enzyme blend (protease, lipase, salt), organic blue-green algae (Aph. flos-aquae), calcium stearate, hydroxylated lecithin.

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I began using the Antioxidant lotion with Beta Glucan on my fingers eight months ago. I have the ability to grasp items securely once again. I rub it in twice a day. The lotion also is a great hand lotion, never any more split cuticles or hangnails! Love it...thank you so very much...
- Demaris Drummon
Bellevue, WA

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