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Click for enlargementDiscover How to Lose Weight While Gaining Vibrant Health

Sensible eating habits and moderate exercise are the keys to losing weight.

What most people don't understand is that excess weight is, most often, the result of a nutritional imbalance in the body. The best way to get the weight off is by undertaking a nutritious way of eating (lifestyle) to return the body to an optimal state of health. A major by-product of being healthy, is the body ridding itself of excess fat.

Our health promoting supplements will help you nourish your body, diminish your cravings, digest your foods better and reduce oxidative stress. Our supplements include: acidophilus, bifidus, enzymes, wild micro algae, Coenzyme Q10 and our effective antioxidant organic sprouts.

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Jim just had surgery on his eyelids. He is healing incredibly fast and feels really good. We do attribute this blessing to the whole food products that we´ve been on since 1992. We are healthy living proof of the effects of these wonderful supplements
- Dixie and Jim Mayo
Mt. Vernon, WA

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