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"Energetically speaking, every food, plant or animal resonates and carries within it the qualities inherent in its environment. Bluegreen Body algae is no exception. Bluegreen Body algae grows wild and thrives in fresh water that is naturally inundated with minerals and other health supporting nutrients. Additionally, Klamath Lake is a sanctuary for a variety of fish and wildlife. This eco system corresponds with the human lymph and immune systems in the same way that salt water sea correspond to our blood streams. Traditional peoples the world over, for thousands of years, have believed that consuming foods from lakes and other water sources offer a wide range of health benefits. The nutritional profile and current scientific research supports this traditional Energetics view of Bluegreen Body algae. Science, along with the positive experiences of thousands of people, some having consumed Bluegreen algae for over 15 years, continue to support other energetic properties of this extraordinary product.
- Steve Gagne
Author of The Energetics of Food

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