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I need to tell you about my finger nail situation. After years of coffee drinking...something I completely stopped around three years ago, my nails are vertically ridged. This is considered not only a condition of a deficiency or dehydration, but simply a characteristic of aging. However, just this week, I glanced at my nails and did a double take because I finally noticed that the vertical ridges are plumping out on my right hand most noticeably on my index, middle and ring finger, and on the index finger of my left hand...after what? Less than three weeks of taking the Bluegreen Body? That is extraordinary. I have, as I noted to you before, years of, off and on, experience with wheat grass juice, bee pollen, barley grass juice powder, sprouts and juicing. So I am well experienced with the powerful healing properties of whole, live foods. And I could fill up pages sharing my happy anecdotes about them. But Bluegreen Body Algae has taken me by storm. I am having mental and physical changes that have never occurred from my excellent whole food or conventional vitamins, my bee pollen, even from bouts of daily wheat grass over several months...which are all certainly specific and very effective. You just cannot even have a psychosomatic response like this to a supplement. It´s just not possible. This has been fascinating to me. And I am a detailed observer of my reactions to food, supplements and drink...due to having somewhat annoyingly "delicate" health at onset of menopause. I have more...stamina, less appetite...literally a host of interesting, even amusing effects....most noticeably my memory and general mental acuity improving. I´ve having memories bubbling up to the surface that are literally from the "archives" ...little snipets...that make me smile in amazement. And all this in a "wrapper" of general well being..the type of well being, strong nerves if you will, I well remember having 7-10 years ago. In short, ...WOW!Bluegreen Body Algae is going to become "Cinderella at the ball" in this century.
- Bonnie Hoffman
Redondo Beach, CA

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