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Creating Freedom

In the twentieth year of my network marketing career with New Earth, I find myself taking a walk around a beautiful marina in Seattle, Washington, during the time of the day when everyone else is trapped in their work cubicals. I am in my sweats and I do not care one ounce! Iam happy and grateful to have both the time and money to enjoy my walks every morning in the gorgeous natural settings of the Pacific Northwest.

In the past, I worked inside a couple of American largest corporations. I always felt the restrictions of having fixed work hours and having to be "at work," on nice days. My day dreams often took me back to camping, hiking, and traveling adventures I have enjoyed doing.

So, I had my "reasons" for wanting to be my own boss, to have my own business and to drop out of the standard, daily commuting routine. When I found New Earth, the right company for me, it took 29 months and lots of focused effort before I could afford to become "full time" working my own home-based business. At the outset of my network marketing career, I vowed to "quit wishing and go traveling." I changed the quality of my life and now "play" far more often. Since that vow was made, I have taken more than 100 recreational trips of between one day and many weeks in duration.

I have walked on the beach in front of an ancient Greek temple at sunrise; I have sailed north up the inside passage of British Columbia multiple times; I have enjoyed the lights of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower on a mid summer evening; I have spent many extraordinary days cruising and swimming with whales in British Columbia, Mexico and Hawaii; and, I did most of my life enriching play when my son could accompany me. These are but a very few of the rewards I have enjoyed over the past twenty years.

When I made the decision to break free of the shackles of the standard corporate routine, and get into the network marketing business, I found that the most important thing that this business gave me is freedom. Every morning I wake up and thank God and the universe because, first, I do not have to get up, and second, I do not have to merge onto those freeways! My days are not always planned and apportioned out because I can afford to do anything I want with each twenty-four segment. Nobody tells me what to do or how soon to do it.

My life now is a matter of choosing. The choice is, "Now that I have plenty of money, I am well traveled, have lots of friends, and have my freedom, what do I want to do with the rest of our life?" If that is a choice that is appealing to you, then I would like to offer you my guidance, mentorship, support, and a completely duplicatable business building system for accomplishing your goals and dreams. The first step is to communicate with each other and explore the possibilities.

Donia Alawi
Seattle, Washington

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