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In 1992, New Earth, had a very generous idea: to share a percentage of the total organic microalgae harvested by the company each year with people in need throughout the world. This idea has now become a reality. Through The New Earth Give Initiatives, thousands of impoverished and undernourished children and adults are eating organic microalgae in Nicaragua, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, as well as Kenya, Ghana, India, Belarus, North America, and other troubled areas of the world.

"The New Earth Give Initiatives started out as such a small idea. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the commitment our Independent Distributors and Preferred Customers have shown...I know that one day The New Earth Give Initiatives will be as big as the combination of all our dreams."

Arizona: Plans for The Indigenous Peoples' Project were begun in January 1997 as a response to a call for help from the Diné (Navajo) tribal members who are resisting forced relocation in the Big Mountain region of the Navajo reservation in Arizona. The algae for this project fed approximately 100 people who suffered overwhelming poverty so common among traditional people. The Diné Elders and their families endure physical ailments due to forced living conditions and the lack of any real nutrition or even acceptable drinking water. These conditions are commonly found upon reservations all over the country. The project goes out to the Navajo Reservation three times each year, offering clinics, gardens, and donations of organic food and health products to the people. The project has expanded over the years to include members of over 70 different nations, whose lives have been changed by the addition of algae to their extremely inadequate diet.

Belarus: After difficulties in establishing regular shipments of algae to the children of Chernobyl, New Earth accepted a second pilot project to attempt to regulate shipments of algae to those in the greatest need. We are currently supporting 115 children and 50 cancer patients.

Dominican Republic: This has been one of the New Earth Give Initiatives projects since 1995. The algae we ship to this project feeds 24 children in an orphanage in Neyba as well as 50 children in the attached school. In addition, our algae feeds the project coordinator in the Dominican Republic, and his wife and six children.

Ghana: New Earth adopted this project in January 1997, though some of the Double Diamonds had previously worked to deliver algae to the children of Ghana. New Earth sent enough algae to feed 500 children suffering from extreme malnutrition. Workers from the regional hospital studied the effects of organic microalgae on the children, and the coordinator reported seeing improvement in some of the children.

Guatemala: The Energía Para La Vida (Energy For Life™) project began with a nutritional recovery program in Antigua, Guatemala, and in November 1994 the first shipments of blue green algae arrived at the social welfare clinic there. The 'Only A Child Project', is under the direction of George Leger, a Distributor from Waltham, MA, who lives in Guatemala City at least 6 months out of every year to work with street children. George shepherds a group of about 40 children and young adults. This project has been in operation since 1995, and now has a carpentry apprenticeship program, a soccer sponsorship program for boys, a shelter with live-in program for those who are ready to move in off the streets, and a day program for the others. Clara Luz is the woman who lives at the shelter and cares for all the children there. New Earth provides support for this program, and all the children consume New Earth products.

Haiti: This New Earth Give Initiatives project was adopted in November 1996. We are supplying algae to 19 people who work in the administration of L'Hôpital Bon Samaritain, a non-profit hospital in Limbe, Haiti, subsidized by donations to the HBS Foundation. The hospital, founded in 1953, attempts to live Christ's admonition at the end of the Parable of the Good Samaritan: "Go, and do thou likewise."

India: The Tibetan population and culture are on the verge of extinction, having suffered systematic eradication by Chinese occupiers since 1949. This New Earth Give Initiatives project, Compassion in the Himalayas, was formed in April 1995 to address a host of needs ranging from housing to education. Currently, Tibetan nuns and children at two schools in Dharmsala, India, receive the algae, and shipments have already reached four other schools in the remote villages of Ladakh and Spiti.

Klamath Falls: In December, 1996 New Earth Donated the local historic Baldwin House to the Klamath Crisis Center as a safe house for battered women and children. The City Council unanimously voted in favor of a grant for the Crisis Center, a gesture that highlighted the broad base of support the Shelter has in Klamath County. The Crisis Center can shelter up to 100 women and children. This is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how effective New Earth organic microalgae products can be for people who truly need Energy For Life™.

Nicaragua: Since 1992 New Earth and its Distributors have made an important contribution to the nutrition and the lives of the people of Nandaime, Nicaragua. New Earth continues to supply over 3,600 children and elders with organic microalgae. This was the premier New Earth Give Initiatives project and it's still going strong!

Q'ero Peoples' Project: When the Q'ero Peoples' Project was adopted in April 1999, New Earth began shipping organic microalgae to 615 native recipients. The Q'ero, direct descendants of the Incas and guardians of their ancient medicinal heritage, fled into the mountain peaks of Peru 500 years ago to escape the Spanish conquistadors. For hundreds of years they were believed to exist only in legend. Then in 1949, to the great surprise and amazement of all, during one of the sacred yearly celebrations of the Quechua people, representatives of the Q'ero descended from their self-imposed mountain exile and presented themselves.

The Q'ero live in a group of isolated hamlets in the Andes at elevations of 15,000 to 19,000 feet. Many human beings would find it impossible to live at these altitudes. Here the Q'ero nomadically tend their potato crops and pasture their herds of llama and alpaca. Due to the harsh environment and the ozone tear directly above them, the health of the people, plants, and animals is greatly challenged. There are chronic respiratory problems, skin conditions, conjunctivitis, dental deficiencies, and gastrointestinal ailments.

In May 1998, New Earth Distributor Luz Elena Morey became aware of the unbelievable 45% infant mortality rate of the Q'ero and their need for better nutrition when she attended a ceremony for healing the Earth led by Don Manuel Quispe, the Kurach Akuyek (the equivalent of the Dalai Lama) of the Q'ero. More than fifty New Earth Distributors donated 5,000 grams of Alpha Sun to the Four Winds Foundation for distribution to the Q'ero people.

The Four Winds Foundation has been helping the Q'ero for several years by providing medical treatment. It is dedicated to helping preserve the Q'ero spiritual lineage while not interfering with their way of life.

Luz Elena Morey was supported by Jean Kerbel and the Central Vermont DET, and Denise Kinch, president of the Four Winds Foundation, in presenting her proposal as a Give Initiatives project. New Earth is happy to accept the responsibility of providing algae to the Q'ero on a permanent basis.

Québec: New Earth adopted this project in the summer of 1996. The algae we send to this project is used to help supplement the nutrition of mothers and their children in the Centre Jacques Cartier, a community center, in Québec City. The project participants are low-income families who have come to the center to learn about improving their nutrition.

Russia: Mercy Medical Mission is a non-profit organization working with hospitals and orphanages in the former Soviet Union. It is estimated that a third of the children who grow up in orphanages commit suicide and about half wind up in prison. Those that survive leave the orphanages at 15 ill-prepared to face the world, suffering from poor education and poor health. In April 1998, New Earth began providing algae to thousands of children in the Irkutsk Region (Siberia) and the Perm Region (the Ural Mountains).

South Africa: New Earth adopted this project in November 1997. We support 100 children in the Calumna area by sending algae via the Daily Bread Charitable Trust. The Daily Bread Missions were established in 1987 to alleviate the hunger of often destitute people seeking work on the streets of East London, South Africa.

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