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My New Earth Lifestyle

For the past 12 years, I have been able to support myself entirely from my New Earth commission check. And because of the nature of network marketing, this has allowed me to enjoy a lifestyle that most people only get to dream about.

One of the biggest perks about my New Earth business is that I can live anywhere I want. Most peoples' jobs or careers keep them tied to where they work, and moving is either not an option or entails a substantial cut in income. As long as I have a telephone and a computer, I can run my business from just about anywhere.

Right now, I have chosen to be in San Diego. I love the warm Mediterranean climate of Southern California, where it almost never gets very hot or very cold. I am an avid tennis player and almost every day is a perfect day for tennis here. This is what my life looks like.

In two words, I would describe my lifestyle as one of total freedom. Each day when I awake, I am free to do whatever I please during that day. There is almost nothing that I have to do. I do what I want to do.

I get up when I feel like getting up. Then I usually like to get on my computer to check my email and see what's going on in the world. Then it's off to the tennis courts for a delightful morning of tennis in the warm California sunshine, followed by a nice, relaxing soak in the jacuzzi.

I usually have lunch with friends a few times a week and it's great to be able to go to the movies, or do food shopping in the afternoon when there are no crowds of people to deal with. I will often work in the afternoon if I want to, but it is never out of necessity. I truly do not have to work and I plan on having that always be the case.

My daughter is working on her Master's degree and I am able to fully support her by paying for her tuition and living expenses, so that she doesn't have to work and can concentrate on her studies full-time. To be able to give her the opportunity to achieve her dreams means more to me as anything I do for myself.

My New Earth business and all the people in my downline have created more freedom than I ever thought would be possible. I have an incredible lifestyle that seems like a wonderful vacation that never comes to an end.

Loren Spector
San Diego, CA

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“I have an incredible lifestyle that seems like a wonderful vacation that never comes to an end.”
Loren Spector
San Diego, CA

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