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New Earth Compensation Plan
Road Map to Success

Begin Your Business and Profit in the Following ways (Marketing and Management Phase):

  • Earn a 25% commission on your retail customer sales.
  • Earn 20% on monthly sales to Preferred Customers you personally enroll.
  • Earn 5% on five levels of Preferred Customer bonuses in your associates' network.
  • Start to build a team, share the opportunity with others, and get 25% on the first orders of your personal enrollees and 5% to 10% on your associates enrollees.
  • When youíre on a monthly autoship, you share in your teamís personal orders and can get from 2% to 6% on their autoship orders. This is earned on 9 levels of associates in your team.
  • Earn $50 monthly by having three associates in your first level on a $100 autoship. Earn $300 monthly by having each of your three associates in your first level find three associates each on a $100 autoship (9 associates in your second level). Earn $1200 monthly by having your second level 9 associates each find three associates on a $100 autoship (27 associates in your third level).

Empower others to reach the "Silver and Gold Phase" and profit in the following ways:

  • Earn a percentage of total company revenue - how much is up to you! Leadership Pools consist of 4% of the previous quarter's company-wide revenue shared by all qualified Gold Associates.

How You Start....

The New Earth compensation plan can be extremely rewarding for those willing to put forth the time and effort to follow our road map to success. You can begin your association with New Earth immediately as an Independent Business Associate just by purchasing a distributor kit for only $50.00.

Make the important decision to begin changing your life this moment.

The Time to Join New Earth is Now!

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