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Enhanced Lifestyle:
Health, Hope and Opportunity

I started my New Earth business as a college student. At the time I was suffering from a degenerative nerve disorder that had caused my hands and feet to become very weak. It was a very trying time in my life. My future was so uncertain due to my health concerns.

I decided to try the New Earth products and within about three months my health had dramatically improved. I was so excited! I started to build a business right away after I personally experienced the powerful and life changing benefits of these products. After only seven months in the business part-time (I was finishing school and getting married) I started earning enough money that I could continue on with the business fulltime and it's now been over ten years that I have been doing this business and I've been paid very nicely every single month for over ten years.

Some of the benefits I've enjoyed the most from doing this
business are:
Incredible lifestyle freedom,
Paying off all my credit card debt,
Wonderful long vacations,
Contributing to the lives of others.

New Earth has a motto "Health, Hope, and Opportunity". This motto has become a reality in my life. The New Earth products helped give me my health back, which in turn gave me hope and energy to pursue my dreams which I did through the New Earth business opportunity.

It's amazing to realize I've been doing this for over ten years. What an incredible journey it has been. I don't want to even contemplate what my life would have been like without these products and this opportunity. The health and financial benefits have literally been a lifesaver for me and my wife.

Charles Leslie
Bellingham WA

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New Earth has a motto "Health, Hope, and Opportunity". This motto has become a reality in my life.
Charles Leslie
Bellingham WA

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