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My daughter
Elise at age 11

The Most Valuable Gift

In Network Marketing, we often talk about the benefits of having a residual income, that it affords us more time for leisure, travel, vacation, and more time to be with our families. Last year, my family and I learned something about the true value of that time freedom.

My wife Johnnie and I have three young children, a seven-year-old, a five-year-old and a two-year-old. Two days after our daughter's second birthday, we suddenly learned that she had a serious, even life-threatening kidney ailment; Wilm's tumor. She had to be placed immediately in the hospital for surgery to remove the kidney. For a time, we didn't know whether she would live or not.

Because I had an established and growing network, I was able to immediately drop everything I was doing and put all my focus on my daughter, on her healing and well being. This meant being away from my supporting role in my network for several months.

The financial security of a residual income meant that we didn't need to worry about how to support ourselves during those weeks and months - but that's not all. After Elise's surgery, we were able to spend as much time as we needed carfully researching all the possible options for helping her healing and recovery, and our networking income meant that we were able to choose what we felt were the best alternative healing modalities, even though none of them are covered by insurance.

As important as the financial freedom has been over the past year, there's another dimension, too.

This whole episode was a tremendous emotional shock for us; the moment the news of our situation went out through the network grapevine, we felt a huge wave of support, care and love pouring in, not only from our own network, but also from the entire field as well as from the people at the company itself. People in the network were also incredible resources, helping us find the best healing approaches for Elise. And through it all, we felt so cared for and supported by our friends, that it really helped us through that time.

If I'd had a "regular job" at the time, there would have been no way I could have taken that amount of time to research the best treatments, or to be with Elise, as well as being there to support my wife and two other young children. We would not have had the money to afford her treatments. And most of all, we would have felt far more alone and therefore, more devastated, than we did.

As attractive as it is to have more time for leisure, and as valuable as it is to have more time to devote to worthy causes and making a difference in e world, now we know what is Network Marketing's most valuable gift, at least for us: Having the freedom to be there with the people you love at the time of greatest crisis-and the times of greatest joy.

Our deepest thanks-to everyone in my network, and everyone in New Earth and to all of you who are in Network Marketing.

By Mark Segars
Longmont, CO

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"Network Marketing's most valuable gift is having the freedom to be there with the people you love at the time of greatest crisis-and the times of greatest joy."
Mark Segars
Longmont, CO

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