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Viktoras Kulvinskas

New Earth has the great privilege to count Viktoras Kulvinskas as one of our first Business Associates, and he has continued to be an active leader in our company for almost 25 years! Viktoras is an icon in the alternative health world. Close to forty years ago, he and natural health advocate Ann Wigmore helped to establish the Hippocrates Health Institute, a leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education. He was introduced to our products back in the 1980’s, and he credits this gift with transforming his life. The products powerful micronutrition allowed him to reach a new level of vibrant health that enabled him to help create the raw, or living, foods movement. Today, just one online raw community has over 18,000 members.

Viktoras wrote Survival for the 21st Century over 30 years ago, and it is as relevant today as it was revolutionary then. He has written several other books on the power of enzymatic nutrition. Using his expertise on the subject, he worked with the company to create some of our most powerful and popular products, including our enzyme formulas and Spectrabiotic®, which is considered by many to be the best probiotic supplement available anywhere. Viktoras continues to expand his understanding of how nutrition can support good health, and to share his extensive knowledge with others.

Viktoras Kulvinskas is an articulate and passionate speaker. He has long used New Earth products as the backbone of his own raw, vegan regimen and as a way to help anyone, with any diet, achieve more vibrant health. In fact, through his lectures, his books, and simply his presence, Viktoras has helped literally thousands of people enjoy better health. He also manages a large business organization, and is currently one of the most active Business Associates in the field. He maintains a rigorous lecture schedule worldwide, sharing his knowledge…and our products!

Carol Bennett

Earning Money While Making a Difference
The Animal Connection

"Making a difference," can happen in a variety of ways, for instance, New Earth has a line of products that are very beneficial with pets, "Our Best Friends". Thousands of New Earth Distributors have realized just what an extraordinary potential we have for impact through our "Best Friends" animal line of products.

It's an odd thing, but many people care more about their pets than about themselves! And, they will take more adventurous steps to try and improve their pets' health than their own!

It's true-and what's also true is that when pets have success stories using the New Earth products, everyone knows that there is no chance of a "placebo effect" creating "imaginary" results. If your dog, cat, tropical fish or horse suddenly starts acting livelier, looking better, and recovers from ailments faster and more fully...even the most confirmed skeptic can see that IT'S REALLY HAPPENING!

One Distributor who has realized all of the above-and acted on it!-is Carol Bennett, of Durango, Colorado. Carol has created her New Earth business through animals. As Carol says: "I've found the impact of the New Earth products on animals to be so profound that even veterinarians are amazed at the results!"

Wondering how she could share her experiences with more people, Carol has created the Animal Connection Network (ACN). The ACN revolves around a monthly conference call that connects New Earth Distributors who want to build their networks by working with animals. Supported by veterinarians, professional trainers, breeders, handlers and pet owners who see the power of combining the New Earth products and animals with their businesses, the call is a vehicle for sharing ideas, hearing about others' experiences, and learning about a creative, entrepreneurial way to explode our New Earth home-based business.

Says Scott Ohlgren, a Durango, Blue Green Diamond who has worked with Carol:

I'm really excited-ECSTATIC is a better word! - that we finally have a way to connect all the veterinarians and other professional animal people out there...and even more so to realize that this opens the door to the 80 million North American pet owners who want to hear the full range of health effects the New Earth products has on animals, as well as all the Networkers who need to know how people are making their Networks grow through this approach.

Through the success of her New Earth animal business Carol has been able to impact the lives of many different species with special projects involving starving Mustangs and two sanctuaries, The Rocky Mountain Wild Life Conservation Center which rescues, rehabilitates and houses exotic cats and bears and The All Creatures Sanctuary that deals with Florida's wildlife. In addition to helping all of these species and domestic animals by improving the quality of their lives through nutrition, with the free time that her business allows her Carol has been able to develop a physical therapy for animals that she now teaches internationally along with animal nutrition.

Carol exemplifies what Matthew Fox said about the right livelihood: "Life and livelihood ought not to be separated but to flow from the same source, which is Spirit."

To learn more about Carol's incredible work and its impact on the lives of many of our animal friends, click here.

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