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View from a Mountaintop
Joni Stemple is having a worldwide impact-without leaving home
This article appeared in the Feb. issue of the Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine

From her mountaintop in rural Washington State, Joni has built a successful business with New Earth over the past seven years.

The Stemples' fruit farm is 30 miles from the nearest town--so remote, in fact, that in the winter, they ski a mile and a half just to visit the mailbox. When they were first interested in purchasing the property, it had no telephone or electricity lines.

Imagine trying to create a network marketing business from a mountaintop, far from civilization--and without a real telephone.

Their mountain farm was providing the Stemples much contentment and beauty--but not much income. "We were seeking out an existence in the wilderness. We were farmers, barely getting by."

Her family and children her top priority, Joni dreaded going into town to look for a job that would keep her away for long hours. The fact that she was home-schooling her three boys made the prospect of going to work even more daunting. Then a friend sent her a cassette tape. She thought, "Oh! Isn't this nice! They must be musicians!" However, there was no music on the tape; it was a presentation of the New Earth opportunity.

Joni had mixed feelings at first. "It sounded intriguing: to be able to work from home, working around my children's schedule--it seemed almost like a dream come true. But I wondered, could I really do this? Was it possible to build a business like this and stay within my integrity? I'd never been associated with any company before. I was skeptical." The more Joni looked, the more she liked what she saw.

"I was happy to find a company that aligned so well with my values, coming from a humanitarian, ecological perspective."

At times, having only a radiophone at her disposal proved difficult. Losing phone service is a network marketer's nightmare. For Joni, it was commonplace, especially during electrical storms in the summer months, when she would lose her service altogether. "One of the first investments I made for my business was to put in a land line. You can't be professional and run a business if your phone is going to go out."

With a telephone in place, Joni's business began to grow more robust. Nevertheless, the first year and a half weren't easy, and Joni worked very hard. She credits her family with giving her the courage to keep her chin up. "It has also set an example for my children. I knew they were watching me, and that's helped keep me going. I know the only way you can fail in network marketing, provided you're with a good company, is to quit. And I can't quit--they're watching me!"

Her dogged determination, coupled with her will to teach her boys the value of hard work, paid off. Having her family work together with her in the business is important to Joni, and she feels that her children's input and proximity enhance her New Earth business. "I love the fact that I can sit here talking to people on the phone, look out the window--and there they are, swimming in the pond or running around in the meadow," she explains. "It's a feeling of security and safety--my heart's delight."

Her success with New Earth now allows Joni to spend even more time with her children and husband in the beautiful mountain home they have created together. "My office has a gorgeous view. The larch trees and the quaking aspen are aglow with color; it's just beautiful."

Seven years have passed since she received that first tape in the mail. Far from "seeking out an existence," the Stemples are now supported by their New Earth business. They no longer depend on income from the farm--though they continue to use it to supply food for their growing sons.

Beyond the financial freedom and security, Joni says, the business nourishes her in myriad ways.

"New Earth has given me a richer form of connection with people all over the country--the world, really. With our Global Solution projects, I'm helping to make a difference in the world. I'm helping children in Nicaragua just by being with New Earth. That is very rewarding to me."

Joni Stemple
Colfax, WA

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Imagine trying to create a network marketing business from a mountaintop, far from civilization....That's just what I did. From my mountaintop in rural Washington State, I built a successful business with New Earth
over the past seven years.
Joni Stemple
Colville, WA

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