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You're Networking and You Don't Even Know It!

Networking is what we all are doing all the time and don't even know it! It's kind of like breathing. If someone said could you please take on an extra full time job in addition to everything else you are already doing, only this extra job is 24 hours a day, you'd probably say FORGET IT. But then, if you heard the job was breathing, you'd probably laugh....and say NO BIG DEAL! Why? Because you are already doing it!

It's the adding one more thing into our already busy lives that makes us feel kind of bonkers, like running and hiding and pretending we never even heard the idea. But what if this activity was something you were already doing, and just didn't know it! And you could suddenly be paid for it while providing a life changing human service!

Networking is like that. How many of you talked to at least one other person today? How many people did you talk to? About what? In how many different settings? What bits and pieces of information did you pick up from someone this week and pass on to someone else?

Have you noticed that people love to share things they feel passionate about? Let's look in on a little natural networking on a typical day.

Joe works in a corporate office. On his coffee break, he tells his coworkers about the great country western singer he heard on Saturday night. He loved it, and he wants his friends to know about it. He's networking!

Mary is a school teacher. She's having car trouble and a coworker recommends a great mechanic that he's had success with. He wants her to enjoy the good service he has had. More networking.

Let's listen in on a conversation between two mothers. "Hi, Terry. How's Isaac? Just wondering what you guys are doing for day camp this summer. I just found out about a great program for Sammy at the Boys and Girls Club. Want to send Isaac there? Don't tell anyone, but this Mom is networking!

Brad works in a legal office. To a coworker he says, "thanks for getting that brief to me. Let's meet with the team on Friday over lunch. Have you tried that new pizza place on 6th Street?" Networking on the happens all the time.

Susan comes back from lunch down the street. She makes a beeline for her friend Joyce and shows her the "steal" she just got at a sidewalk sale. She tells Joyce where it is, what kinds of selection they have, etc. More networking.

Yes, networking happens every day between office workers, in the beauty salons, at car repair shops, in hospitals, at construction site and schools - wherever people come in contact with each other.

We do some of our best networking at social gatherings, churches, community meetings, and clubs. And let's not forget the dry cleaner , the bank and post office.

Some of the greatest networkers are Moms and Dads, talking with other parents, going to school functions, attending soccer games or ballet recitals.

Jennifer's Mom observes that Jennifer's piano playing skills have improved since she began studying with the new piano teacher. How many other parents do you think she will influence as she reports on her daughter's progress?

You are networking with people every day. It's human nature to want to share information and help others. You talk up a great movie you just saw that you think everyone should see, or the results of a game you watched, or the lines from a funny TV show.

Telling people about something for which you feel strongly, in the course of what you are already doing each day is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote what you believe in.

If you have a strong connection to something like the New Earth products, then share it with others just like you'd recommend a good restaurant, a good tax accountant, a good shoe store. Let it become part of your day, and see what can happen!

Happy Networking!

Article written by Leslie Petrovich

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