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Our premier skin care product is an exciting part of our line of natural products. It represents a balanced combination of simplicity and science, built upon a fusion of natural ingredients of unparalleled quality and the most effective skin nutrients available anywhere. Our natural personal care product fits smack dab in the middle of a growing trend. We just have to let others know that we have what most people are looking for; anti-aging properties and the best of natural personal care product.

What the "Pros" are saying…

"Analysis of Nutrition Business Journal's survey of natural personal care manufacturers, and other data sources indicate that natural personal care products grew $4.1 billion in consumer sales in 2002, or 11% of the $37.3 billion U.S. health & beauty care market. Growth in natural personal care was 10% over 2001, as manufacturers reaped the benefits of growing consumer interest, gains in mass-market distribution, successful new products, revamped packaging and savvier marketing.

In 2002, the aggregate growth rate of the top 10 core natural personal care companies listed in Nutrition Business Journal's annual ranking was 14%, six points higher than just one year before.

'The natural personal care category is enjoying healthy growth, fueled by consumer demand that is attracting attention not only from core natural product manufacturers but from mainstream cosmetic companies as well. While the mainstream cosmetic and personal care product market is growing at a sluggish, low single-digit pace, the natural personal care market has become a beacon of light in a foggy nutrition industry,' said Nutrition Business Journal Research Director, Patrick Rea."

"In recent years, natural products have grown from a niche segment to one of the fastest-growing categories in personal care, according to marketing research companies.

In fact, although health and beauty care sales in grocery and drug stores (excluding Wal-Mart) declined 1.2% in 2002 according to Information Resources Inc., Chicago, natural personal care grew 10% to $4.1 billion in 2002, according to executives for the Nutrition Business Journal.

Natural personal care outperformed other natural product segments, such as functional foods, which grew 7-8%, and supplements, which increased 3-4%, according to preliminary Nutrition Business Journal estimates for 2002."

The boom in natural grooming products is a phenomenon that mainstream Health and Beauty Care marketers must heed: Natural/organic skincare, haircare and cosmetic items are breaking the $3.9 billion mark at retail in 2003, and shall rocket to a $5.8 billion by 2008, according to The U.S. Market for Natural Personal Care Products.


Personal Care Natural Products Mega Trend Continues In 2004

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