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The Home Based Business Explosion

In the early 1980's a tiny blip appeared on the economic radar screen. The blip showed a developing trend, the number of home-based businesses were expanding from year to year. Now, 20+ years later, home based businesses represent a major segment of our total economy. Home Business Magazine, April 2003, states that "The $1 Trillion home business market is broad-based and touches almost every demographic and economic group" (p.37).

At present, the home-based business industry is growing faster than ever. And why not, economic factors and the job market haven't been this unfriendly for more than a decade. It seems that every day, the newspapers are filled with nervous stories and statistics about the economy, stock market, mergers, corporate fraud, business bankruptcies, downsizing and the resulting and very troubling number of layoffs.

The headlines also say that the end of the JOB as we know it has already arrived. America is losing hundreds of thousands of manufacturing and technological jobs to the massive and less costly labor forces of the third world. And then add superbugs, incurable diseases, terrorists, war and the political instability of dozens of international hotspots. Thus, adding some sense of control to our lives becomes more and more important every day. Now it's becoming clear, one more consequence of corporate and social upheaval is the proliferation of home-based business opportunities.

Reasons that contribute to the fast growth of the Home Business industry are many and include: The screaming desire to be our own boss, avoiding office politics, increasing personal income opportunities, the creation of another stream of income, the need to pursue our own dreams, seeking self-sufficiency, getting out of the commuter lanes, spending more time with family members, and, the desire to recreate and play more often. It's also true that the computer revolution and other technological innovations are making it easier to succeed from home utilizing a virtual office, by using the computer, innovative software, cell phones, voice mail, faxes, PDA's, e-mail and the internet.

Proving that "increasing personal income opportunities" is a reality, a readership survey performed by Home Business Magazine, April 2003, states that the "Average annual household income for households with a Home Business is $52,300.00, 26%+ over the national median household income of $41,500.00 for those households without a Home Business (p.37). Additionally, a Money Magazine survey reported that 20% of home based businesses earn between $100,000.00 and $500,000.00 annually (Figures from ICR Research.). (4/03, p. 58)

For those of you wondering how many Home Businesses are being started, according to a study by the University of Ohio, "approximately 1,500 people start small or home-based businesses every day." That's roughly 45,000 each and every month. About 1/4 of those new businesses are in Network Marketing organizations and about 3/4 are people who want to work part-time. (The Everything Network Marketing Book, by Margaret Kaeter, Adams Media Corp., Chap. 2, p. 14)

Why are so many people migrating to Network Marketing? One reason is that when comparing the start up costs of a standard business, franchising and Network Marketing, it's not even a contest. Network Marketing is by far the least expensive, costing from $50 to $500 to get started. Additionally, after being in existence more than 50 years the industry has solidified its credibility as an effective business practice for distributing products and services. Network Marketing also offers the compensation programs of established companies that pay more experienced distributors to educate, support and mentor you and the same compensation programs allow you to keep collecting money even if you stop selling products. Add to this growing list of perks, technology savvy leaders, effective and duplicatable training systems, tax advantages and unlimited income opportunities including the availability of residual income.

Network Marketing is remarkable - it can be so lucrative that MBAs, and professionals are getting involved in distributing everything from cosmetics to organic wholefood supplements. Many more each month are thinking to themselves, "Who wants a corporate cubicle anymore when you can have your own sales force and residual income?"

It could be that a lot of overworked corporate employees don't have their old jobs anymore. Whatever the reason, the Network Marketing industry is huge and growing. The Direct Selling Association ( has estimated that there are nearly 8 million Network Marketer's who produce $20 billion in annual sales in the U.S.A. and $100 billion world wide. The growing movement of white-collar men and women into Network Marketing shows no signs of letting up. And, it looks like home-based selling will be one of the fastest-growing businesses well into the 21st century.

New Earth, is well positioned in the marketplace to take advantage of the trends. We offer you the opportunity to work at something you can love, promoting products that are easy to believe in and having an exciting business you can call your own.

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