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The Growth of the Internet, World Wide Web and E-commerce

From a whisper in the early 1980's to the current roar, electronic media has grown and continues to grow at warp speed. Here are a few timely "tech" world quotes that demonstate the point.

"Worldwide e-commerce sales will reach $6.8 trillion by 2004."
Source: Forrester Research (

"The United States will account for 59% of worldwide e-commerce revenues during 2003."
Source: eMarketer (

"North America has over 40% of the
world's Internet users."

Source: Nua Internet Surveys (

"The U.S.A. is the best country in the world for doing e-business, followed by Sweden, Finland, and Norway."
Source: Economist Intelligence Unit (

Technology is where the rubber meets the road in the development of Network Marketing as a viable business consideration. At the beginning of the 21st century, Network Marketing is driven increasingly by advances in electronic tele-communications.

Shrewd observers noticed years ago that network marketers were leading the way in commercial applications of the Internet, like Website promotion and e-mail blasting. In fact, Network Marketers are one of the few rapidly growing groups that are actually doing successful commercial business on the Internet.

"NW marketers look at every edgy opportunity," says futurist Faith Popcorn. "In the future, Network Marketing will have more and more of a web angle to it. Of all direct marketing groups, Network Marketers are best at reaching people in the cocoon. And, a lot of cocooners are on the Web nowadays with Network Marketers in close pursuit."

There's probably no quicker way to establish a network today, than through the Internet. Lots of Network Marketers have expanded their markets and found new sources of customers and hopeful distributors by using the Internet.

Today, it is the frontier that is coming to us. Everyone alive today must confront the cyber-economy, whether we like it or not. How we fare in the years ahead will depend entirely on how soon we accept the inevitable and how energetically we prepare for self-sufficiency. Our livelihood, in the years to come, will be largely determined by the choices we make today, by the strategies we select for building our Information Age businesses.

The New Earth Distributor group plans to lead the efforts for an effective web presence and will be supporting and educating the distributor group-at-large. At New Earth we are on the lookout for forward thinking individuals to take advantage of and leverage the tools offered by the Internet for the creation of spectacular business growth.

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