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Why Should You Choose New Earth?

New Earth is in good standing over a 33+ year time frame with Attorney General's offices, the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration.

The Company

  • Our experienced management team helps to create success. President and C.E.O. of New Earth, Bilal Ruknuddeen has always been an entrepreneur. He began his career in international business at 14 years of age. Growing up in a family of successful entrepreneurs with worldwide experience helped. So did his studies in international relations at the University of Southern California, his work as research analyst at Merrill Lynch in Los Angeles and New York (he was one of the company's youngest interns), serving as financial director for one of his family's companies (where he took it from a few hundred thousand to $6.7 million in less than four years), and running his own successful startup business in Dubai, growing it to more than $3 million in annual revenue its first year. Bilal is passionate about helping steward New Earth to new heights and global growth, and about the impact our business can potentially have on millions of people. Bilal is ably assisted by a team of executives who have experience in running all phases of a successful Network Marketing Company.

  • Outstanding customer service is vital in today's economy, and New Earth is a highly evolved service-oriented company. As a business associate, you have access to the information you need through the corporate support team. Prompt, experienced staff members are available by phone, fax and Internet. In almost all instances, you will receive an answer to your questions within two business day.

    Our corporate website is an invaluable resource, providing free promotional material, support for new consumers and real-time information about activity in your network. As a business associate, you can access information about training teleconferences, product development, testimonials, scientific research and more.

  • Longevity is very important when choosing a company to work with because, it is a fact that 85% to 95% of all new companies fail within the first five years. Network Marketing is no exception. New Earth has been in the Network Marketing business since 1982 and has a proven record of success and experience.

  • Companies who are open for business in multiple countries are more attractive to business opportunity seekers. New Earth is open for product sales and business opportunities in the United States, Columbia, Ecuador and Mexico. Additionally, business associates can market products and create a significant base of consumers worldwide. New Earth will take care of shipping the products directly to your consumers, so the world or any part of it can become your business development playground.

  • Field related communication and involvement is central in New Earth's management strategy. The home office team collaborates with its business associates in producing professional, high quality marketing tools to assist business associates in building their businesses.

  • New Earth also works regularly with a Field Advisory Board compromised of top distributors who provide input to the company based on their experience in the field. Indirectly, this allows all business associates to have an active voice in the decision-making processes that affect them.

  • For quality and cost control, a company is well served to own its own manufacturing equipment and facilities. New Earth manufactures many of its products and owns the production facilities for manufacturing those products. They are proud to have potential prospects visit the Home Office where they are given special tours to take a close look at the entire parcel of New Earth facilities.

  • State of the art information technology is critical today in giving a company a competitive edge in its industry. New Earth owns its regularly upgraded in-house computer system that is more than adequate for keeping up with the current growth of the company.

  • New Earth is a company with an outstanding global vision. Its vision is to make their products available to everyone, everywhere and to create a generation of leaders guided by a global vision of health, environmental integrity, economic abundance, and incredible quality of life for everyone. "Hope, Health, and Opportunity" are accessible to all human beings.

  • New Earth is a privately held company. New Earth also owns most of its fixed property assets.

The Products

  • New Earth products are of the highest quality. Most of the ingredients are from natural, organic and/or wild-crafted foods. Consumers and business associates have an unusually strong emotional connection with the company's line of products as well as an unyielding commitment to them. New Earth prides itself in having a very high monthly consumer product purchase average.

  • New Earth business associates can address different consumer needs with their diversified line of products. The product line caters to the human and animal nutrition markets. This allows New Earth business associates a diversity of markets for promoting their products.

  • Keeping sales and operating costs low is dependent on the retention of consumer loyalty. The New Earth product line addresses a variety of consumer needs with their diversified line of products. Their products are very effective, uniquely formulated and utilize natural ingredients. As a result, consumer loyalty and reorder rates are very high.

  • Virtually every product in the product line is competitively priced at the retail level, compared to the prices set by other Network Marketing companies.

  • All products and labeling comply with DSHEA - the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. In addition, all New earth products are both GMP approved and certified by NSF.

  • To regularly obtain "referrals," is an ideal situation desired for business associates. The products must work well in providing health results and must taste good. When the products have exceptionally attractive "taste" properties using only natural taste enhancers and an ingredient list that is natural and organic, then repeat business and referrals are easy to achieve. One of our best examples is the BG Bar™. Not only are the 36 ingredients health promoting, but the bar tastes so good that referrals are normal.

  • New Earth prides itself in the innovative policies that give its business associates the opportunity to take financial advantage of both the wholesale and the retail markets. Traditionally, the products are sold directly to consumers. A few of the New Earth products, however, can be sold through retail outlets, allowing business associates the ability to set up their own higher volume retail accounts.

  • The world wide organic industry is growing at an average rate of 23% annually. New Earth's product line is included within the parameters of an extremely powerful megatrend sweeping North America: The consumer-led movement to natural, wild-crafted and organic foods.

The Compensation Plan

  • New Earth's compensation plan is geared first and foremost to the part-timer with the realistic ability, over time, to generate a respectable 4-5 figure monthly income.

  • The New Earth compensation plan is duplicatable for anyone, not just high achievers. However, it also provides for and rewards those who are willing to go the extra mile with a closer to full-time work effort.

  • New Earth's compensation plan invites all business associates to participate on a "level playing field" basis. For instance, all business associates have an equal chance for achieving a payout from the ongoing monthly contest that pays a percentage of the company's monthly total sales volume.

  • The compensation plan also rewards business associates reaching its highest levels by sharing a percentage of the company's monthly sales volume.

Your Sponsor

You're in the Network Marketing business for yourself, but not by yourself. As your sponsor, New Earth and I are teamed together and always there for you with all of the wonderful services, policies, sales aids and other tools to help you succeed in your business.

You are now ready to make an informed decision

When you decide to join New Earth, you'll become part of a unique business opportunity that offers high Hope for a better world, better Health for our bodies and the unlimited Opportunity to free yourself from financial worries. Welcome to the New Earth Family!

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