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Fortify your immune system - Defend™
One of the active ingredients in Defend™ is WGP™ beta glucan. This patented form of the complex carbohydrate beta glucan, has been scientifically shown to activate macrophages, a type of white blood cell that is the body's first line of defense. The result is a stronger immune system. WGP™ beta glucan is derived from baker's yeast and is considered to be the most potent beta glucan immunomodulator.

To learn more about Defend™ - Click Here

No energy, no problem - Drive
contains an exceptional blend of natural ingredients which work synergistically to help promote overall physical well-being. Imagine the power of these nutrient rich foods all in one product: turmeric, bee pollen, green tea, wheat grass juice, Hawaiian noni, and Wild Bluegreen™ Algae. Drive can provide you with the energy to live a full and active lifestyle.

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Support for memory function and concentration - Focus
combines natural ingredients from foods well known for their benefits in promoting overall mental well-being. Focus is a perfect product for people who want extra support for memory function and concentration and to re-energize the mind after strenuous mental activity.

To learn more about Focus - Click Here

Digestion - Enzymes Plus
Enzymes Plus
can play a vital role in today's diet, which has been scientifically and clinically proven to possess very few enzymes. Our proprietary plant-based formula contains a wide range of enzymes with high activity levels for optimum digestion: Amylase to break down starch; invertase to digest sugar products; lactase to digest milk sugar; cellulase and pectinase to assist in the breakdown of fiber; lipase to break down fat; and protease, bromelain, and papain to break down protein, to name just a few. With fifteen different natural plant-based food enzymes that are microblended with Wild Bluegreen™ Algae to supply specific vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors (plus: fennel, ginger, and cayenne). Enzymes Plus can be a potent addition to any diet.

To learn more about Enzymes Plus - Click Here

Support for GI Track - Spectrabiotic®
is a unique, proprietary formula designed for building and maintaining healthy intestinal flora. It can create a favorable environment for "good bacteria" growth. Good bacteria stimulate the function of the entire digestive system, and produce essential vitamins. Spectrabiotic® formula was created through the efforts of the highly respected nutritional scientist, Dr. Khem Shahani, who developed DDS-1™ Acidophilus, and best selling author and enzyme specialist, Viktoras Kulvinskas.

To learn more about Spectrabiotic® - Click Here

Reduce free radical pollution - Wild Earth Premium Sprout Blend
Wild Earth Premium Sprout Blend
is a unique product combining the nutritional benefits of three natural environments-land, lake and sea. Each tablet contains custom grown wheat sprouts, Wild Bluegreen™ Algae from Upper Klamath Lake, and red beta algae; a premium strain of saltwater algae. Wild Earth Premium Sprout Blend has all the following naturally occurring nutrients: Vitamins E, C, A, beta-carotene, selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese as well as the metabolic enzymes such as SOD and catalase. With Wild Earth Premium Sprout Blend you are getting an extraordinary storehouse of superior food source support to fight destructive free radicals.

Learn more about Wild Earth Premium Sprout Blend - Click Here

Healthy natural support for your heart - Energize
contains a special enzyme activator called Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 is essential for life to exist, as it is an integral part of energy production within the cell itself. Numerous scientific investigations and clinical studies have shown that replenishing levels of CoQ10 by supplementation has had remarkable results on cardiovascular health, natural defense system function and rejuvenation of energy systems. New Earth's Energize is a proprietary blend of pure ubiquinol, the active converted form of Co-Q10, plus reishi and oyster mushrooms, polyphenols from olives, and our own Wild Bluegreen™ Algae, designed to activate cellular energy to support a healthy heart and strong cardiovascular system.

To learn more about Energize - Click Here

Worried about your animals' nutrition? - Essentials Blend
If an animals' nutritional needs are neglected over an extended period of time, your animal will most likely develop an impaired immune system. This may show itself in your animals by any number of symptoms, including increased allergic reactions, dry skin, dull hair coat, and increased susceptibility to parasites. Fortunately, Essentials Blend is an easy and convenient way to provide enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants thereby strengthening your animals' immune system, improving their digestive system and skin and truly supporting a higher state of overall health and vitality.

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