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Nutritional Medicine:
Optimal Health is as Easy as 1-2-3

The Nutritional Medicine principles support the following: 1) better digestion and assimilation of foods through the use of probiotics and enzymes; 2) better nutrition through nutrient rich food supplements and; 3) increased protection against free radical damage (oxidative stress) through whole food antioxidants. Tens of thousands of people have used this health model to help themselves. Additionally, many of the studies and books written by Nutritional Medicine doctors give us the scientific reasons behind why this specific health model and the supplements used have helped with many health related conditions. Today there is a very large number of alternative, allopathic and naturopathic doctors practicing the Nutritional Medicine approach to health.

What Is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medical physicians believe that most degenerative conditions have their origin in the malfunction of the digestive tract and liver elimination processes. In other words, illness can be directly related to problems of the digestive and liver detoxification systems and their related influence on immune, nervous and endocrine system functions. Therefore, when the health of the digestive and liver detoxification systems is addressed, the body is given the opportunity to reverse many degenerative conditions. If the degenerative condition is labeled lupus, diabetes, or arthritis, etc., a Nutritional Medicine doctor will first recommend addressing the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Once the GI tract is well, then the liver detoxification system should be supported and strengthened.

Today, through the efforts of Nutritional Medicine, we have hundreds of clinical studies and pieces of scientific research that confirm what many of us have heard so often from folk medicine practitioners: "Stomach problems are the cause of all ills" or "Death begins in the colon."

Jeffrey Anderson, M.D., wrote an article called "How Problems with Digestion Can Cause Illness Anywhere", and in this article he explains why you should address the health of the gastrointestinal tract first, no matter what the name of the degenerative condition. He explains that "new information on the dynamics of the body make it clear that conditions in the digestive tract affect the entire system" (Nichols, et al., 1999, p.125). The "...degradation of the gastrointestinal environment is one of the primary points at which health is lost. What we now know is that the same toxins associated with GI dysfunction are frequently absorbed and distributed to other parts of the body. First they place a burden on the liver and the immune system. If liver overload occurs, there will be spill over, and some of the toxins will be passed on to other organs or tissues" (p. 125).

"Often, it's a weak link in the system that will be hit by the damage - an organ that can be anywhere in the body that is most likely to be vulnerable. The vulnerability may be inherited, caused by physical injury, toxic exposure, or poor diet" (p.125). For example, "if the sensitive system is the lungs, toxins that originate in the gut and circulate in the bloodstream may manifest as asthma or allergies" (p.125).

Len Saputo, M.D., in his article,"Harmful Flora", also believes that if the gastrointestinal tract goes out of balance and the liver detoxification system breaks down, our entire immune system can malfunction in three ways. First, it can be weakened and the result called an immune suppression disease. Second, it can overreact and become hyperresponsive to normal stimuli; this occurs in asthma, migraine, and food allergies. Third, a malfunctioning immune system can cause auto immune reactions, where antibodies target our own tissues, as in rheumatoid arthritis or lupus (p.60).

Jerry Stine, M.D., in his article, "How Digestion Works", explains that the gastrointestinal tract is the largest immune organ in our body. Eighty percent of all our protective immune globulins are produced in the digestive tract (p.16). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that when this large, strategically placed immune system member isn't working well, our defenses are lowered and once our barriers are down, it becomes more difficult to defend against invaders.

Nutritional Medicine Strategies To Reverse Degenerative Conditions

Nutritional Medicine doctors including the three above mentioned, Dr. Jeffrey Anderson, Dr. Len Saputo and Dr. Jerry Stine, believe that cleansing and supporting the GI tract and the liver can and will clear the body of any and most degenerative conditions.

  • First you detox the GI tract.
  • Then get the liver detox system working.
  • And finally clean up the downstream consequences, which includes the toxins in the tissues and cells.

Nutritional Medicine doctors believe that you can't deal with the downstream conditions (symptoms in the body such as lupus, arthritis,....etc.), until you've treated the upstream problem(s) in the gut and liver (p.132). When you clean up the upstream issues and the liver, then the downstream consequences tend to go away.

Nutritional Medicine Solution for Most Degenerative Conditions. The 4Rs Solution

1) Remove: Abnormal kinds/amounts of intestinal microorganisms (parasites, bacterial pathogens, small intestinal overgrowth such as yeast, and food antigens. This can be done by repairing "leaky" intestinal membranes.

2) Replace: Hydrochloric acid, enzymes, and fiber deficiency can be addressed and replaced with friendly bacteria, digestive enzymes and fiber supplements.

3) Restore: Symbiotic bacteria and GI bacteria through the use of full spectrum friendly bacteria (L. acidophilus, B. bifidus, L. planetarium, L. salivarius, L. bulgaricus, etc.).

4) Repair: Replace or augment with nutrients necessary to support healing of intestinal lining, plus adequacy of calories, and adequacy of fiber. Support the liver detoxification system through the use of antioxidants and food based nutritional supplements (pp. 181-182).

The Difference is in the Quality Of The Nutritional Supplements

There are a multitude of allopathic and naturopathic doctors practicing Nutritional Medicine today, and they recommend supporting better digestion, better nutrition, and better protection against oxidative stress. However, when it comes to supplements, most Nutritional Medicine doctors recommend standard man-made supplements in their isolated, single, separated or chemically-manufactured form, such as zinc, copper, vitamins B, C, E and beta carotene, to reverse degenerative conditions. However, there are better alternatives than man-made supplements; i.e. organic whole food supplements. Whole food supplements are far superior in their quality and effectiveness for reversing degenerative processes in the human body because they are produced in their natural and complex configuration.

Why whole food products work better is based on the philosophy that the human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair, and defend itself when given natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrients.

If your goal is to promote good health for yourself, may we recommend that you address these body functions with the following wholefood supplements and remember that optimal health is "as easy as 1-2-3":

  1. Better digestion and assimilation of foods through the use of probiotics and enzyme supplements.
  2. Better nutrition through food based supplements (consuming nutrient rich foods such as wheat grass, bee pollen, blue green algae...etc.).
  3. Better protection against free radical damage (oxidative stress) through whole food supplements (wheat sprouts, red algae, wheat grass..etc.).

With the use of whole food supplements you can improve the GI tract environment, decrease the burden of the toxins and thereby take the stress off the liver. With less toxins there is less need for a constant high level defense effort and everything in the body just starts to work better. Dr. Jeffrey Anderson summarizes the whole concept of healing so beautifully when he said: "you can't deal with the downstream problems (symptoms in the body) until you have addressed the upstream problem(s) (i.e., malfunctions in the gut)" (p. 132).


Nichols, Trent W., and Faass, Nancy. (1999). Optimal Digestion,
     New York: Avon Books, Inc.

To learn more about the Nutritional Health Model, take our FREE online nutritional course. The information in this course is useful and logical and can put you on the right path towards health and vitality.

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IN 1985 I was introduced to New Earth products. As my patients began to use them, I noted that many organ systems responded well to this kind of natural nutrition. I´m so grateful to have these powerful tools for myself and my family.
- Christopher H. Hassell, M.D., CCFP
Board Certified Family Physician-Toronto, Canada

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