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Click for enlargementHorse´s testimony - Rescuing 140 Mustangs

Imagine seeing a herd of mustangs, expecting to see strong, muscular physiques, shining coats and boundless, frolicking energy, only to find a set of horses that were more bone than muscle, with thickly matted winter coats still hanging on, even though the summer heat was over 100 degrees. This is exactly what Carol Bennett encountered when she was summoned to help with 140 mustangs rescued from the brink of death.

"A mare and her foal could barely stand, their ribs were thinly covered by their thin skin and the mare was unable to produce milk," says Bennett. "It was just too much to bear. I knew that these horses needed a high level of nutrition, immediately." Calling the endeavor the "Mustang Project," Bennett worked with a group of veterinarians to rescue the horses from otherwise certain death due to starvation and malnutrition.

An extensive and exhaustive routine of treatment included supporting the overall health of the animals with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. "While many of the horses needed specific medical treatment," says Bennett, "The 22 that received an additional element, Wild Bluegreen Body, which contains a broad spectrum of bioavailable micronutrients, recovered the most quickly and completely." Wild Bluegreen Body is Aphanizomenon-flos aquae, a wild, natural algae harvested from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon by New Earth.

"These horses' ribs became completely covered more readily than the others, their coats regained their natural sheen, their eyes became bright and clear, and they regained their energy and vigor quite quickly," says Bennett. "My only regret for the whole project is that all 140 horses didn't get to eat the algae for the three months of their rehabilitation."

Budgetary constraints did not allow for the inclusion of the wild algae for all of the horses, however all of them received intensive natural and medical treatments and all 140 have fully recovered. Bennett reported from the field in December 2000, "All of the horses have been placed in new homes - 134 of them went to a 1,000 acre private range in Montana and the other six were placed in permanent foster care."

Carol Bennett
Durango, CO

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Jim just had surgery on his eyelids. He is healing incredibly fast and feels really good. We do attribute this blessing to the whole food products that we´ve been on since 1992. We are healthy living proof of the effects of these wonderful supplements
- Dixie and Jim Mayo
Mt. Vernon, WA

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