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Click for enlargementDog´s testimony - Campano Had EIC and Experienced Full Recovery

Our 1 year old Labrador named Campano (friend in Italian-he goes by Campy) was diagnosed with Excercised Induced Collapse (EIC). The affected dogs can tolerate mild exercise but 5 to 15 minutes of strenuous exercise induces weakness and then collapse. While the medical community is still researching the condition, hypothesis so far is "Metabolic testing of blood before and after exercise suggests that these dogs may have a defect in the chemical reactions necessary for energy production in their muscles."

Anyone who has owned a young dog knows they don't understand mild exercise. Particularly if used for hunting or allowed to simply chase after rabbits, etc. Our dog was collapsing with increasing regularity, particularly dangerous when there is swimming involved. And it certainly limited the duration and fun of his outings.

The dog had been on "premium" commercial dry dog foods. Also noteworthy is the fact that about 4 different brands were tried in an effort to get consistent stool-the dog had diarrhea frequently.

About a month after the dog had shown his first sign of EIC, his diet was changed. Within a few days, we noticed a change in the dog's energy level. After a month on the new diet, there have been no collapses or any sign of EIC, despite stressing the dog on several occasions. (EIC is most pronounced when both high levels of anxiety and strenuous exercise are combined.) And his bowel movements are consistently normal.

The dog's diet changed to organic raw meat and vegetables, with organic dry dog food added. About 75% of the volume being the raw meat and vegetables. Plus we've added New Earth whole food supplements to give his body the nutrients it needs such as enzymes and COQ10.

Campy is of the field grade of Labs vs the show grade. This line of Labs was bred to be of higher energy and greater physical abilities for hunting purposes. Had Campy not recovered from his malady, it would have been particularly hard on him since EIC didn't make him lazy, it just took him down after 15 minutes of hard exercise. And under the wrong set of circumstances, it could have killed him as it has done to others. My wife and I are extremely grateful for your help on getting Campy back to 100%.

Jeff and Beverly Odland
Snohomish, WA

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After following New Earth whole health model for 16 months, I´ve lost 50+ pounds. I´ve changed my diet to 60% raw foods, am no longer a slave to my cravings and have no interest in caffeine. I have energy to exercise, work and play. This simply would not have been possible without the support of these fantastic products.
- Pamela May
Seattle, Wa

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