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Click for enlargementJohn & Peggy Edwards - Help with dry skin during chemo

Some two months ago, I had a reaction from the chemo pills on my hands and forearms. Red patches appeared and cracked certain parts of my hands and the shin became very dry. When I showed it to the doctor he prescribed a cortisone base ointment. This did not work. I immediately ordered an 8 oz bottle of the Nutrabeautiful Lotion with Beta Glucan from New Earth. After a week of application of these skin products the skin dryness went away. After 10 days of use there was a reduction of red patches appearance on my forearms.

I also used it on my face and a new look and smoothness of my skin occured. People remarked on my skin appearance. Considering I am going to be 85 I think my skin now looks pretty good. Peggy uses the same lotion as a moisturizer with great results and she is the same age as me.

This is another proof to us that New Earth has the best products available anywhere .

John and Peggy Edwards
Richmond, B.C., Canada

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Jim just had surgery on his eyelids. He is healing incredibly fast and feels really good. We do attribute this blessing to the whole food products that we´ve been on since 1992. We are healthy living proof of the effects of these wonderful supplements
- Dixie and Jim Mayo
Mt. Vernon, WA

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