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Click for enlargementDog´s testimony - No more demodex mange

I received a call from Donna who told me about Ramblin Man, that he and his litter was born with the mange and had been in the puppy mill for five months without treatment.

The ownder of the puppy mill brought the mother and her babies to Donna and as she gave them to her she said:"Here is five thousand dollars" and left. All of the other puppies had been adopted out.

Poor Ramblin Man! He had lesions on his head most prominent, but there were others. He was bald in some places and long hair in others. But the worse thing were his eyes. They were so sad and I thought I saw a glimmer of hope in what I call the "look of death". I have been doing rescue for many years and all I saw was one extremely sick dog and I didn't know if he would make it. I prepared my 8 year old granddaughter for the probability of Heaven.

I immediately got on line with Ramblin Man in my arms to Yorkieland chat list and the consensus was to get in touch with you asap. You called me while driving and I gave you his pathetic history and you told me what he needed and you even ordered it and I got the goat yogurt locally. You sent me the acidophilus,enzymes, bifidus, APA powder, and coconut oil. I also appreciated being able to open the capsules together and pour the water on it and give it to Ramblin. The coconut oil slid down his throat.

Ramblin was held as much as my husband. I wanted to hold him to give him the love he had never received. He was so scared and we had to corner him to pick him up. He offerred to bite our hands, but never did. When he was not being held: he was lying down. He slept with us and our two other furbabies.

In about two weeks I noticed his eyes slowly changing. I couldn't believe it that fast. I knew the healing had to come from the inside as his immune system was almost non-existent. He was so exhausted all of the time. Our two other furbabies didn't understand why all he did was sleep.

By the end of May there was no doubt as his eyes were much brighter and he started playing with his new friends. They started running together and all went outside together for their necessary business. When he went outside to do his business on the grass, he hopped as he didn't know what the grass was. I guess the grass tickled. Meanwhile the mites grew less and less.

June brought brighter eyes and he had gained one whole pound! He was still very shy, but occasionally let us pick him up and love him. We continued with all the supplements and know that the added nutrition along with prayers are the reason he was healing.

July brought the greatest news! NO MITES! His eyes are bright. He still needs to gain another pound. It will take him a long time, if ever to get over the puppy mill effect. He runs with his brothers and woe to any servicemen or salesmen. He gives kisses and loves to be held.

So I thank you and my friends at Yorkieland. Your products saved Ramblin Man's life and he is a "Happy Camper".

Baxter, Doc & Ramblin Man
Rhonda Thurman
Galena, IL.

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IN 1985 I was introduced to New Earth products. As my patients began to use them, I noted that many organ systems responded well to this kind of natural nutrition. I´m so grateful to have these powerful tools for myself and my family.
- Christopher H. Hassell, M.D., CCFP
Board Certified Family Physician-Toronto, Canada

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