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Team New Earth

Ever since New Earth started selling wild bluegreen algae products, there has been a flood of testimonials regarding the results of adding these nutritional supplements to one's diet. Team New Earth lets us share with you the stories of some extraordinary people and their accomplishments. And whether you're an Olympic athlete, or just someone whose life is healthier and happier with wild bluegreen algae, we hope you'll share your story with us, too. Individual heart felt stories give all of us the opportunity to be grateful for this natural gift, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, grown and harvested in Upper Klamath Lake, and sold as Wild Bluegreen Body and Wild Bluegreen Mind.

DAN O'BRIEN: In 1994 during the National High School Decathlon Championships in Klamath Falls, Oregon, Dan O'Brien began an enduring relationship with New Earth. In 1996, New Earth was privileged to sponsor Dan's successful run for an Olympic gold medal in Atlanta. This was only the beginning of a relationship founded in both the products and true friendship.

Dan credits the algae and the people behind the products for providing him with the mental and physical edge to compete against the best athletes on the planet. New Earth continues to support Dan in his various athletic endeavors. Read an interview with Dan discussing his gold medal victory.

Watch Video of Dan O'Brien's accomplishments.

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JACKIE JOHNSON: Going to the Olympics is a "dream come true" for our newest member of Team New Earth, Jackie Johnson!

During the 2008 Olympic Trials that were held in Eugene, Oregon, New Earth was fortunate enough to meet Olympic contender Jacquelyn (Jackie) Johnson. Jackie will made her Olympic debut in Beijing in 2008 where she competed in the heptathlon. The women's heptathlon consists of the following events: 100-meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200-meters, long jump, javelin throw, 800-meters. Her strongest being the hurdles and high jump.

Jackie is being named the most accomplished heptathlete in collegiate history and is coached by our very own Olympic decathlon gold medalist, Dan O'Brien. It's this connection with Dan that first lead her to New Earth products in the fall of 2007 and her love of Wild Bluegreen Body and Wild Bluegreen Mind along with Super Q10 that have kept her coming back for more.

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GABRIEL FILIPPI: In the spring of 2000, Gabriel Filippi truly challenged himself to new heights. He attempted to climb the highest and most infamous peak in the world—Everest. New Earth was a product sponsor of this expedition, and is pleased that Gabriel sees wild bluegreen algae as an essential element to his success.

The heights of Everest may be the only peak that Gabriel has not yet reached! He has traveled the world and roamed about in more than 25 countries! He is multi-lingual, speaking French, English, and Spanish

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LAURA MCCABE: Laura McCabe was a cross country track star in college, who did not start Nordic skiing until the age of twenty-two. Five years later, she made the Olympic team. She is considered one of the top cross country skiers in the world, and took first place in the 1999 Birkebeiner, part of the American Ski Marathon Series.

Laura regularly eats the algae, and says, "I honestly do not think I could manage without the extra life and energy New Earth products bring to me. They help give me that extra edge. Thank you!"

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RAY MARTIN: Ray Martin is an algae-eating member of the US Team for the Duathlon (Run/Bike/Run) and participated in the World Cup Finals. "As a scientist, I experiment with new and emerging products and equipment all the time. Having gotten used to finding products `all show and no go' I've been very surprised and pleased with the results I'm getting with Aphanizomenon flos-aquae—wild bluegreen algae. The fact that it is a safe, natural food at the foundation of earth's food chain provides reassuring peace of mind."

Ray Martin has recently re-located to Jackson, NJ. He is now a 6-time member of the U.S. Duathlon and was co-captain for the 2000-2001 season. His daily consumption of New Earth products remain an integral part of his success!

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DARRELL GENERAL: Darrell General, one of the fastest long distance runners in the US, is training for the 2000 Olympic team. Darrell has been eating wild bluegreen algae since 1996. Within weeks of eating the algae, he found that he had more energy, could train harder and more consistently. "If you are running to win, you have to eat to win." At the May 7th Olympic marathon trials, Darrell finished 28th out of a field of 120, with 30 entrants failing to finish under the grueling conditions of high heat and humidity. Darrell will continue to represent us in the Pan Am Games, US World Championships, and other races.

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POLE TO POLE 2000: New Earth was a product sponsor of Pole to Pole 2000, a unique journey with a powerful message of international cooperation and goodwill. In April 2000, this team of world class explorers and young adventures left the North Pole and traveled around the globe through the Americas to reach the South Pole nine months later.

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MIKE HOLLIS: The most accurate kicker in NFL history eats algae! Mike Hollis says, "In order to take advantage of your abilities, you need to have a good diet. New Earth's products are a part of my program of superior nutrition... When you have something that works, you stick with it."

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LINDA DEWING: Linda Dewing, enjoys running marathons. She has found that New Earth products give her that extra edge to help her continue to improve her time.

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BRYNA MCCARTY: Bryna McCarty started skiing when she was two years old, and by the time she was seven she was participating in ski races. Now at the ripe old age of 22, she is a World Cup racer who has recently learned about the extra "edge" that she gets from including New Earth products in her daily eating regime. After hearing her aunt, Stacie Noble, talk about New Earth products for a long time, Bryna decided to try them for herself. She now realizes that our products have helped improve her skiing performance and they've also helped her deal with a demanding schedule that includes travel to many different countries and an inconsistent restaurant diet. "I think it's really important to have these products fill in the nutritional gap," she says. "Being an athlete, it's key to be as healthy as possible at all times, and ready for anything!" She appreciates New Earth Essentials for their ease and portability, and loves BG Bars™, which she says are "great and handy!" And, knowing that this is as much a mental sport as a physical one, Bryna makes sure she also eats Wild Bluegreen Body and Wild Bluegreen Mind.

Bryna is the 2005 Women’s U.S. National Super G Champion. Bryna is in her third year on the U.S. Ski Team and participated in the 2006 Olympics. Bryna continues to appreciate the impact New Earth products have on her performance.

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KAPPY ALLEN: Kappy Allen won the world championship in barrel racing in the year 2000.  In 1998 Kappy bought an American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) registered gelding, Risky Chris. Through a friend, Kappy heard about Dr. Madalyn Ward, DVM, author of the recently published book Holistic Horsekeeping and a past president of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA). Madalyn got Risky Chris started on New Earth products, and he has been eating them for six years now (including the year that he helped his owner win the world title in barrel racing).

In addition to her 2000 world title, other honors include:

  • In 2004, she won the tour and aggregate title at the National Western Rodeo in Denver.
  • In 2003 she won at five different rodeos.
  • In 2002 she competed as part of the U.S. team at the Olympic Command Performance Rodeo.
  • In 2001 she won the aggregate title at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and qualified for the 2002 Olympic Command Performance Rodeo in Farmington, Utah.

Kappy is a New Earth spokesperson, bringing more exposure to our products. Kappy uses and promotes New Earth products at competitions, clinics, and public appearances.

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IN 1985 I was introduced to New Earth products. As my patients began to use them, I noted that many organ systems responded well to this kind of natural nutrition. I´m so grateful to have these powerful tools for myself and my family.
- Christopher H. Hassell, M.D., CCFP
Board Certified Family Physician-Toronto, Canada

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