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Click for enlargementDog´s testimony - Bee Gee

On August 10, 1995 I heard barking down by the creek while I was in my arena working my horses. I rode down to see what was going on and I found a little dog on the other side of the creek. I could see that she was tangled up with a sapling tree. When I got over to her, I saw that someone had tied a twine rope around her neck, which she had probably chewed from its anchor. The rope was six feet long and wrapped around this tree so that the dog's neck was right up against the tree and two of her legs were tangled up in it. She literally couldn't move except to struggle.

I managed to get her loose and carry her up to the house. I could see that the rope had cut into her neck almost a half-inch deep all the way around; her neck was just laid open. She was skin and bones, weighing 13.3 pounds. It turned out that she had demodex tic mange over 40 percent of her body. Her ears and eyes were totally bald and her legs and paws had red sores all over them. She was pretty pathetic.

The next day, the vet stitched her up and gave her a dip for the mange. I fed her everything available from New Earth: three or four Bluegreen Body, one or two acidophilus, and enzymes every time she ate (which was often). The vet told me that it would probably take four or five dips to get rid of the mange. Five days later her coat was already shiny and the hair was starting to grow back around her ears and eyes.

In ten days she was looking great. I cut her back to two Bluegreen Body, one acidophilus, and enzymes. She got her second dip and that took care of the mange totally. I figured that her ability to fight off the mange so quickly was a sign of her strength coming back.

After seven weeks she was up to 25 pounds and she had grown five inches at the shoulder. We named her Bee Gee. She is a mixed breed estimated to be six to seven months old at the time of the final photo.

Terri Tupman
Anna, TX

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After following New Earth whole health model for 16 months, I´ve lost 50+ pounds. I´ve changed my diet to 60% raw foods, am no longer a slave to my cravings and have no interest in caffeine. I have energy to exercise, work and play. This simply would not have been possible without the support of these fantastic products.
- Pamela May
Seattle, WA

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