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Our Universal Connection: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae

For nearly four decades now, we have been consuming this amazing single, rare organism—Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). This ancient, near-perfect superfood is not only at the core of the food base supplements we recommend to achieve optimal health but it is also the foundation of all life on Earth.

This unique blue-green algae is truly Mother Nature’s most generous gift to all of us. To celebrate this amazing gift and all that it has done for each and every one of us, this video will dive deeper than ever before into all that we know about AFA.

If you want to learn more details about AFA supplements from New Earth just email or call us.

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The Art Of Manufacturing

New Earth continues to explore new and better ways to harvest AFA from the lake using truly state of the art equiptment.

Learn more about the great lengths we go to ensure our high quality standards, and why this is so important to us. Watch The Art Of Manufacturing video.

Watch Video (6 Min 08 Sec)

100% Pure

100% Pure

One way New Earth maintains its excellence is by operating a manufacturing facility that far exceeds even the highest possible quality standards. Our certifications serve to set us apart from the rest, ensuring the products you count on are 100% safe.

Learn more about the great lengths we go to ensure our high quality and why this is so important. Watch our Purity video.

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Wisdom of the ancients

Wisdom of the Ancients

Our products have always focused on the most ancient and powerful foods on the planet. These foods are rich with ingredients civilizations around the world have been using for centuries. Discover more about what these ancient civilizations have known all along!

Watch Video (7 Min 39 Sec)

Functional Nutrition

Watch Viktoras Kulvinskas
and see why you need to add enzymes to your life!

Learn how whole, natural raw foods can help prevent premature aging and improve our health. Energize and optimize your lifestyle with Enzymatic Super Foods, based on research and personal experiences of a living mystic master of live food lifestyle.  Viktoras reveals new well-researched benefits of a plant based enzymatic diet for longevity and vitality.  His open heart puts a warmth and meaning to information that will help you transform your lifestyle in remarkable ways.

Viktoras has overcome many challenges in life: from war to refugee camps, from chronic degenerated health to radiant health, from Harvard to Hippocrates, and recently the loss of his wife and companion of the past 30 years.  You’ll be heart warmed, inspired and informed.   Holistic Health Researcher for over 35 years; he is an Essene Bishop and author of:  Survival In the 21st Century, a New York Times Best-seller and  Don’t Dine Without Enzymes.

Watch Video (5 minutes)

Functional Nutrition
Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

Are you ready for an easy, simple way to take supplements?

Are you ready for a better diet that begins with one simple change?

Click on our video and learn how using our simple program supports the Four Building Blocks of cellular and immune system health. An upgrade is just a click away!

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Ready for Rejuvenation?
Then Renew™ is the product for you!

WATCH how stem cell nutrition can help your body maintain a vibrant lifestyle that naturally challenges the aging process. 
LEARN how Renew™ can help your body fight off the effects of oxidative stress, and begin to renew and regenerate-quickly, safely, and noticeably.

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Discover Simplexity Health products and give your pets the best nutrition on earth!

Discover New Earth products and give your pets the best nutrition on earth!

Our pet formulas, originally developed for humans, offer superior nutritional support for animals. Supporting the health and immune systems of your animals with high quality nutrition is the best choice for their bodies and, in the long run, the most cost effective.

Watch Video (10 minutes)

Team Simplexity Health, Jackie Johnson, 2008 Olympian

Team New Earth, Jackie Johnson, 2008 Olympian

Meet Jackie Johnson, named the most accomplished heptathlete in collegiate history and is coached by our very own Olympic decathlon gold medalist, Dan O'Brien. It's this connection with Dan that first lead her to New Earth products and her love of Wild Bluegreen™ Body and Wild Bluegreen™ Mind along with Super Q10 that have kept her coming back for more. Jackie will make her Olympic debut this year in Beijing where she will compete in the heptathlon.

Watch Video (1 minutes)

Wild Bluegreen Algae and Dan O'Brien

Wild Bluegreen™ Algae
and Dan O'Brien - A Superfood and a Super- Athlete

Dan O'Brien is an Olympic gold medalist, winning the grueling decathlon in 1996. Dan relied on New Earth products in his athletic endeavors for over 15 years. He is convinced that the products continue to give him a competitive edge as he continues to compete in track and field.

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House of Health

House of Health

Nutritional model

To learn about how to transform your health & well being, watch our "House of Health" video presentation.

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