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Click for enlargementDonia Alawi - Facial Skin Candida

I suffered from facial skin candida for many years. I applied heavy makeup to hide the flaky skin. I tried many skin care products but the quality of my facial skin continued to get worse.

A few years ago I changed my diet to more organically grown fruits and vegetables and took whole food supplements like wild bluegreen algae, probiotics, enzymes, sprouts and CoQ10 to support my body nutritionally, my facial skin improved greatly. Recently I added New Earth Nutrabeautiful Lotion with Beta Glucan as my main moisturizer and the appearance of my facial skin has improved greatly. I'm getting older but my skin is getting healthier.

Donia Alawi
Seattle, WA

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IN 1985 I was introduced to New Earth products. As my patients began to use them, I noted that many organ systems responded well to this kind of natural nutrition. I´m so grateful to have these powerful tools for myself and my family.
- Christopher H. Hassell, M.D., CCFP
Board Certified Family Physician-Toronto, Canada

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