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Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D.

Not many people can say that they have been eating Aphanizomenon flos aquae (AFA) since before they were introduced to New Earth, but Dr. Jeffrey Bruno, Ph.D. can.

It was 1973 when Dr. Bruno, a licensed clinical psychologist and integrated mental health specialist, was first introduced to the nutritional benefits of this rare blue-green algae. Within two weeks of adding it to his diet, he began to notice an improvement in his overall health and wellness. That's when he realized he had come across something truly unique.

He continued to take the algae for several months. However, after a while, he was no longer able to get his supplements through the company he originally purchased from. It wasn't until a few years later that Dr. Bruno found New Earth supplements, and he hasn't gone a day without them since.

Dr. Bruno now has a variety of New Earth supplements that he takes every day. But after all these years, his favorite supplement is still Mind, one of New Earth's original products. "Many people notice immediate benefits from using Mind," he explained. "That is part of what makes it unique among nutritional products. With most products, you may not notice benefits at all, much less immediately." Dr. Bruno continued, "If my energy is lagging at work, I take Mind and notice an almost immediate energetic boost*."

Today Dr. Bruno's New Earth business is built around sharing the health benefits of these supplements with others, but that wasn't always the case. "My initial goal was just to get my algae for free," he shared, "but I've always believed in the products for myself and my family, so I feel good about sharing them with others."

What Dr. Bruno didn't know all those years ago was that his love for these products would spark a desire to learn more about their ingredients and share that information with others.

"Education is a big interest of mine," Dr. Bruno shared. "So I have spent years researching the benefits of microalgae, enzymes, and probiotics. And much of my focus today is around educating people on the role of nutrition and these foundational foods and how they can support mental health as well as overall physical health."

In order to best share all the knowledge he has gained through his research, Dr. Bruno decided to write his own book, "Eat Right & Feel Bright," which details the various benefits microalgae can have for our health and our planet.

There is no doubt that his love for algae has played a large role in keeping Dr. Bruno involved in the New Earth community for all these years. But if you ask him, his favorite part of being a Wellness Entrepreneur isn't the algae, but the people. "My favorite thing is being connected to a community of like-minded folks," he expressed. "It's rare to be able to have a group of people who identify that taking microalgae is going to be good for themselves and the world. I'd say I've benefited as much from the people as the products."

In closing, Dr. Bruno has some advice for anyone who is considering trying the New Earth supplements. "Think of it as a food approach. These products work synergistically with your body and will act as a catalyst to enhance or help resolve whatever state your body is in," he shared. "Trust that your body will know how to utilize these nutrients. And trust that algae and all the other ingredients are more heavily safety-tested than most things you'll find on the shelves at the store."

We think that is great advice Dr. Bruno, and we are grateful to have you as part of the New Earth family.

December 2021

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