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Section 1

Great Expectations: A Common Sense Approach
What to expect as you begin your New Earth adventure!

The human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when given natural, high quality, and full spectrum nutrition.

-New Earth Nutrition Philosophy Statement

Understanding what to expect and knowing what to do when biochemical adjustments begin to occur inside your body as a result of your journey to better nutrition is the purpose of this section. What you should expect is something that is already happening all the time, but you may not notice... everything in your biological life is constantly changing!

Given this biological fact of life, you should expect that...

Shift happens, change happens, and biochemical adjustments happen in every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your entire body...whether you notice or not.

To know this fact (that everything is constantly changing) is one thing, but to fully understand, embrace, accept, and optimize it is quite another. It will be helpful to remember a few details about human physiology and biology. In particular, the miraculous abilities of the human cell and the many wonders of a healthy digestive system.

We are relatively ignorant about the miraculous nature of our body and about the things that nourish us best.

The above is one of the great information gaps in our society. This information gap is the San Andreas Fault running through the foundation of your diet and could be responsible for many diet and lifestyle improvement attempts in the past. The road to better health involves an understanding and daily application of the fundamentals of sound nutrition.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Sound Nutrition:
(so much to eat...and so little time)

The human body is a marvelously designed living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when given natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrition.

This means that when an individual makes the decision to follow through with a daily commitment to improve their nutritional intake, or diet and lifestyle...an entire series of biological events result from the decision. It is unpredictable whether these events will be perceived as a blessing or a curse.

When you make a conscious decision to improve, upgrade, or complement your nutritional intake it is always a blessing. What is unpredictable is the precise way your body responds to your decision, and the precise way that you choose to respond to your body.

Without a simple, yet comprehensive understanding of how nutrition works inside your body...even the very best health and nutrition products can be perceived as a mixed blessing. Appearances can be deceiving, but remember that a well-nourished body doesnít make mistakes. When you introduce a new habit, food, or food supplement that is complementary, biomodulating and deeply nourishing, it may temporarily appear to be a curse and not a blessing at all. This temporary transition phase results from better nutritional choices and is often referred to as cleansing, detoxification, natural healing, or cellular regeneration.

Whether you label your experience as a blessing or a curse depends on how much (or how little) you understand about how your body functions when nourished properly. We refer to this temporary transition phase as a period of adjustment.

Any period of adjustment is the biological nature of human beings to constantly move, change, adjust and transform...like nature itself. Even though this phenomenon is regular, reliable and in many ways predictable, it can also produce surprising and unpredictables results. Remember, if you experience a period of adjustment it is always a blessing! The period of adjustment cannot be avoided, it is an absolutely necessary and vitally important biological feedback mechanism

Understanding the period of adjustment is one of the keys to better health. Though it cannot and should not be avoided, it can be managed, communicated with and understood. Whether you are aware of it or not, your body has its very own health and healing agenda. This agenda may or may not be in sync with your current diet and lifestyle agenda and choices. Knowing what to do is one thing and doing it consistently is quite another!

Our body is constantly involved in the natural and biological process of nourishing, cleansing, detoxifying, and regenerating. For people whose dietary and lifestyle habits are established, this biological process goes largely unnoticed, under-appreciated, and sometimes completely misunderstood. In this way, even the most complementary diet and lifestyle decisions can temporarily appear to be a mixed blessing or even a curse.

Donít be fooled by temporary appearances. Be proactive and willing to make adjustments as you go through the period of adjustment. Continue to invest your valuable time and energy to understanding how nutrition works inside your body. The rewards are truly great. These rewards begin with a new appreciation for the miracle our body really is, and continue to build and grow as we prepare ourselves to experience a lifetime of optimum health and well-being.

The Miracle of the Human Cell

Each of our more than one hundred trillion cells are involved in a perpetual cycle of biological balance and harmony 24-hours a day.

  1. Vital nutrients enter cellular membranes after being selected by specific cells for specific purposes.
  2. Metabolic products are produced and utilized.
  3. Metabolic waste products are produced and then identified, neutralized, and eliminated.

Many unnecessary and devitalized "nutrients", foreign, unnatural and toxic substances penetrate the cellular membranes and enter the interior of our cells. Once inside our cells, these undesirable substances can be systematically identified, neutralized and eliminated without interfering with normal cellular activity or causing any permanent damage (within certain exposure limits). Normal or extraordinary cellular "wear and tear" can be repaired. New cells can be created from pre-existing cells contributing to the maintenance and growth of tissues, organs, and entire bodily systems.

This is all the normal metabolic functioning of healthy cells and depends on the quality of nutrients we feed our cells. In this way all the cells of our body are being nourished, maintained, repaired, replaced, and whenever possible - improved!

Conscious cooperation with the constantly moving cells (tissues, organs and systems) of our own bodies is the surest path to a lifetime of optimum health and well-being. Non-cooperation, whether intentional or unintentional, is the surest path to having our own bodies manifesting a potentially endless list of symptoms of sickness and dis-ease both chronic and acute...all of which are almost always preventable.

Fortunately, the fact that we are relatively ignorant about the miraculous nature of our body and about the things that truly nourish us best, is easily corrected. There are things we need to know and things we need to do. Learning to balance knowing and doing is one of the fundamental tasks in the journey to better nutrition.

Restoring the Health of our Biological Foundations...Our Cells.

Every cell in the human body shares three basic needs and functions with every other cell:

  1. Very specific requirements in terms of raw materials or nutrients (mostly micro-nutrients, including water and oxygen).
  2. Produces a variety of metabolic products and waste products.
  3. Must exchange the beneficial products with other cells in order to neutralize and effectively eliminate all the waste products.

Our cells support our tissue, our tissue supports our organs, and our organs support our systems. When the basic needs and functions of our cells are met, a healthy human life-span can be well over one hundred years. Conversely, when these basic cellular needs and functions are not met, life-spans of shorter duration with endless possibilities for discomfort and disease can, and usually do occur. It may help to imagine each cell in your body as an individual factory.

Action Steps for Section One!

  1. Review our special considerations and common sense guidelines.
  2. Learn more about our products.
  3. Review the primary discussions linked from the introduction:
    • The nutritional purpose of the New Earth products
    • What the research reveals about New Earth products
    • The impact of your other dietary and lifestyle habits
  4. Review and fill out your first Weekly Benefits Chart
  5. Identify an insulting habit in your diet or lifestyle and minimize its impact. You could eliminate the insult altogether or simply modify it. Just try it one day at a time, for one week, and see if you notice improvements in your health and energy. Review the Habits of Naturally Healthy People for ideas and suggestions.
  6. Do you have questions?
Your Journey Continues...
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After following New Earth whole health model for 16 months, I´ve lost 50+ pounds. I´ve changed my diet to 60% raw foods, am no longer a slave to my cravings and have no interest in caffeine. I have energy to exercise, work and play. This simply would not have been possible without the support of these fantastic products.
- Pamela May
Seattle, Wa

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