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Our No Spam Policy
Healthy Futures has a strictly enforced, zero-tolerance no-spam policy.
Any member who finds a way around our policies and uses our system for
spamming purposes will be immediately terminated and will be subject to
fines and penalties.

To REMOVE your email address from our database, please send an email to
remove@healthyfutures.net from the address you wish to be removed with
the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Our Email Policy
Healthy Futures sends emails to people who have 'opted-in' or given
permission to be sent information about our products, a home-based or
Internet business. Emails are sent on behalf of our members, and the
purpose of the emails is to interest the recipient enough that visit the
member's Healthy Futures website. All emails contain a simple, quick
method for unsubscribing.

Members are allowed to personally add to their mailing list only those
who have specifically requested information from them. In order to
validate that the recipient has actually made the request for
information, we encourage our members to send a message to the recipient
stating that they have been added to their contact list and ask them to
respond by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

US AT: abuse@heathlyfutures.net.

Please note that we're only able to control emails sent by Healthy
Futures and our Healthy Futures members. Please do not report your
receipt of unsolicited emails from parties other than Healthy Futures
via the tools above.



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The Healthy Futures System does not condone the use of UCE (Unsolicited commercial email) and spam. Group members are strictly prohibited from using spam in their marketing efforts, and are subject to immediate termination
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