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While choosing any one of our New Earth products will improve your horse's quality of life, combining the products, as suggested below, offers the best advantage for maintaining vigorous health and often eliminates the need for individual supplements such as hoof conditioner, paste, etc.

Suggested Products:

Essentials Blend 12 oz.
Average healthy adult horse: 1tsp to 2 tsp daily

Enzymes, 90 caps
Average healthy adult horse: 1 to 4 caps daily


Acidophilus, 60 count
Average healthy adult horse: 2 to 6 caps daily

Bifidus, 60 count
Average healthy adult horse: 2 to 6 caps daily

Spectrabiotic, 30 count
Average healthy adult horse: 2 to 6 caps daily

These products are the fundamental building blocks of your horse's health...

How to Start Products:

Use a common sense approach (horse sense) to starting your horse(s) on New Earth's organic Wild Bluegreen™ Algae products. As with all dietary changes, start slowly, with a small amount in the center of their food, and increase gradually as the products are well tolerated. Cleansing may appear as slightly upset digestion, loose stools, etc. If your horse has current allergy symptoms, you may notice a slight increase in these symptoms during this process. To limit any such cleansing symptoms, you can start the enzymes and probiotics for a week before starting the algae.

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"In 1990 when my brother Randy Hood came up with the idea of feeding Bluegreen algae to animals, I responded to his enthusiasm with a ´wait and see´ attitude. Today I´ve shifted from a skeptic to a full supporter of algae for animals. After seeing Kea, Randy´s Bichon Frise, change from a hyperactive dog to a calm and energetic delight, I began to appreciate the brilliance of his vision. Then, my sister Robyn experimented with the Bluegreen Body the year she had health problems in her Icelandic horse herd. Now, I feed all my animals Bluegreen Body algae. After hearing the remarkable stories of hundreds of TTEAM members about the changes in their dogs, cats and horses from New Earth algae products, I believe every animal owner would benefit by giving the algae a try for themselves and their four-legged friends."
- Linda Tellington-Jones
Author, "The Tellington TTouch & TTeam News I

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