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Experiencing Optimum Product Benefits and Results!

Thank you for purchasing (or considering) New Earth's fabulous nutritional products. We would like to invite you to participate with us in a series of ongoing conversations, the purpose of which is to assist you in experiencing optimum product benefits and results.

The secret to experiencing optimum product benefits and results is the combination of what you already know and what you already do with what you already know in three distinct yet interconnected areas:

  1. The nutritional purpose of the New Earth products
    you have purchased.
  2. The nutritional impact of your other dietary and
    lifestyle habits
  3. What the research reveals about our amazing products and about the exciting field of nutrition.

Together, this information and these conversations will demonstrate how nutrition works inside the human body and how New Earth products work inside the human body.

This may seem like too much information, and if it does...you don't have to read another sentence or endure any training in nutrition and health. The truth is, and we have scientific studies to back this up - simply by taking a few capsules or tablets of our nutrition products every day, you will be doing yourself a world of good and receiving dramatic benefits and results. If you choose this approach, please review our simple, common sense guidelines as you begin.

New Earth products are nutritional whole food supplements, all of which contain some of our earth's most important foundational whole food -
Wild Bluegreen™ Algae. These wonderful products are foods, not drugs. They nourish, support, and optimize the normal functioning of our bodies, as all nourishing foods do.

Taking these products does not require advanced degrees in nutrition, physiology, and health. Taking these products, and effectively experiencing many desirable health benefits should be as easy as breathing in fresh mountain air and drinking a class of pure spring water. And many times, for many people, doing the proverbial "simple and obvious" is just this easy and effortless.

Two things that really help in the journey to better nutrition:

  1. A genuine commitment to living a healthier diet and lifestyle.
  2. A common sense approach to achieving your goals.

For almost twenty years we have been educating on the fundamentals of nutrition and health, in combination with our wonderful products. We have learned a lot in all those years and are eager to share our experiences with you now.

We want to work with people who are ready and willing to improve the quality of their lives through better nutrition. This is the essence of the business we are in. We invite you to join with us in an ongoing conversation about the journey to better nutrition that will still be fresh and new, and as exciting as ever, twenty years from now!

Before this all begins to sound a bit too idealistic, let us reassure you that we live in the same world that you live in. We share similar challenges presented to us every day from all the regular stresses and strains of modern life. We acknowledge the negative impact of a polluted environment, fast foods, fast-track-careers, and less and less free time. As a result, we are mostly a culture of people leading less than perfect lifestyles, eating less than perfect diets, making less than perfect decisions in our various attempts to be perfectly healthy in a very imperfect world.

It is our hope, that you will find in these ongoing nutrition conversations some well deserved shelter from the storms of our modern world and, at the same time, discover a constant well-spring of opportunities to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those you care about the most.

Your Journey to Better Nutrition
has just begun!
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After following New Earth whole health model for 16 months, I´ve lost 50+ pounds. I´ve changed my diet to 60% raw foods, am no longer a slave to my cravings and have no interest in caffeine. I have energy to exercise, work and play. This simply would not have been possible without the support of these fantastic products.
- Pamela May
Seattle, WA

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